Catholic Film-Maker David Naglieri Discusses New Pope Saint John Paul II...

A new documentary, John Paul II in Ireland: A Plea for Peace, begins airing this month on public television stations across the country.

This Hitchhiker Is Carrying A List Of People’s Prayers Across The...

People hitchhike for all sorts of reasons. A cheap mode of transportation, to set off on an adventure, to meet interesting people. One Catholic...

How Our Culture Fosters Sexual Predators Like Brock Turner

In the midst of this moral momentum is the invitation for people to open their eyes a little wider to see that the Brock Turner case didn’t happen in a vacuum. Our culture helped to shape his world.

Looking Back: The Election Of Pope Francis

Habemus Papam! Looking back at the official Vatican video of the Election of Pope Francis on March 13, 2013.

Why Is A New York Times Best-Selling Author Sending A Book...

Pat Lencioni, a well-known business leader, is doing something unconventional. He is sending out 17,000 copies of his new book — one for every pastor he can find an address for.

Pictures: The Real Island Where Saint Paul the Apostle Was Shipwrecked...

Saint Paul's Island, also known as Selmunett, is where the apostle was shipwrecked at while on his way to Rome to face charges.

Were Early Catholics Known by Any Other Name?

A Catholic by any other name would be just as pious: early followers of Jesus were known as of the Sect of the Nazarenes, followers of the Way, and Sheep.

Can Mass Be Celebrated in Sign Language?

Is sign language permitted for the Liturgy, and is Mass celebrated in sign language valid if a priest doesn't vocalize the Words of Consecration?

Real “Wonder” Women Don’t Need Invisible Planes

These brave women lead lives indelibly marked by love, service, and selflessness by giving their whole lives to others through Christ in far off, poor, and remote places.

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