Did You Know? Pope Francis Released a Progressive Rock Album You...

"Wake Up!" by Pope Francis sets papal speeches and prayers to pop, rock, and classical music.

Pope Francis Offers Lenten Advice in Ash Wednesday Homily

Pope Francis offered helpful advice in his Lenten homily - summoning Catholics around the world to heed these forty days as a "wake up call for the soul."

Want to Livestream Mass From Your Phone? Watch This Video to...

Looking to livestream Mass from your phone? Here are a few easy and simple things you should do to make sure you have the best stream possible.

When Martin Luther Criticized the Radical Heresies of Protestantism

Less than a decade after publishing his infamous 95 Theses, Martin Luther wrote a letter criticizing the radical heresies and sectarianism of Protestantism.

With Spring Around the Corner, Bring New Life To Your Soul

This year, Easter and the start of Spring occur within one week of each other! There could be no better timing for reinvigorating your...

One Widow Shows Us The Key Ingredients To A Meaningful Life

You remember the Widow in the Gospel--the woman who put her last two coins in the collection box? She is the archetype of generosity,...

Is Your Marriage As Good As It Could Be? Find Out...

Whether you’ve been married two months or 30 years, you may still be missing out. The truth is that marriage is more than a...

When To Seek Advice And When To Seek Therapy

Response: William McKenna, M.S.; Clinical Psychology Extern at Catholic Charities Q: I have been struggling with some difficult choices lately and was wondering whether I...

Exclusive Interview With “The Divine Plan” Producer Robert Orlando

Award-winning writer and filmmaker Robert Orlando is counting down the days to the nationwide showing of his newest film, "The Divine Plan", on November 6th, 2019.

You’re Not a Psychiatrist, But You Need These 5 Psychological Tools

There are many jobs that are not strictly in the field of psychology, yet rely heavily on the knowledge and skills that psychology has to offer. Here are 5 tools YOU can use in any profession.

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