Giving Thanks Before Making Resolutions

Each year when Christmas ends, we seem to move almost immediately to making resolutions for the New Year. Is 2015 the year in which we will become thinner, more respected in our fields and more financially stable? While none of these things are negative in and of themselves, it seems that we have passed over the spirit of reflection and gratitude that should naturally occur at the end of each year. After all, God just came to earth as a little child on Christmas; surely we can recognize the many gifts that He has blessed us with! While the results might seem less tangible than losing a few pounds or gaining a few dollars, along with offering glory to God who gives us all of life’s blessings, there are clear psychological benefits that come from expressing gratitude.

The Church Is Not Just “Pro-Birth”, It Is Pro-Life

Many opponents of the Church's teachings on abortion argue that we only care about a child being born, but not what happens to that child afterward.

Did You Know? Medieval Catholics Celebrated the “Feast of the Ass”

The "Festum Asinorum," the Feast of the Ass, was a medieval Catholic feast celebrating the donkey the Holy Family rode into Egypt on.
C.S. Lewis

Fr. Barron comments on C.S. Lewis

Fr. Barron comments on C.S. Lewis

Did You Know? All Chaplains Given the Medal of Honor Since...

Established during the Civil War in 1861, since then after all chaplains to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor have been Catholic.

Catholic Soldier to Be Posthumously Awarded Medal of Honor

Staff Sergeant Travis W. Atkins will be posthumously awarded the medal the honor, killed tackling a suicide bomber in Al Yusufiyah, Iraq on June 1st, 2007.

This Tiny One-Room Catholic Chapel Could Prevent Proposed “Border Wall”

Just a few hundred feet from the Rio Grande River, one tiny adobe Catholic Chapel stands in the way of the construction of the proposed "border wall."

Saint Gabriel Possenti, the Potential Patron of Handguns?

A 22 year Passionist monk defended his city from bandits with his marksmanship without harming a single person, could he be the patron of handguns?

Pope Francis Blesses Our Lady of Luján Statues Exchanged by UK...

Originally taken during the Falklands War, UK bishops returned an icon of Our Lady of Luján, receiving in turn a replica from Argentina's bishops.

Pope Francis’ Holy Week Message: “Creativity of Love Can Overcome Isolation”

Pope Francis sent his video message to the Faithful celebrating Holy Week in an unusual way because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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