Pope Francis Advocates for “Audacity of Peace” in Passionate Plea to...

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Pope Francis Calls for Support Following Libyan Floods

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Cleveland Mayor Confronts Diocese’s New LGBTQ School Policies

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Pope Francis Champions Climate Action & Child Welfare at Clinton Global...

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Why This Famed Catholic Church’s Frescoes Are Under 24/7 Surveillance

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Newly Revealed Letter Shows Pope Pius XII’s Possible Early Knowledge of...

The findings, unveiled in Italy's Corriere della Sera newspaper, challenge previous claims about the wartime Pope's awareness of Nazi atrocities 👉

Canadian Catholic Bishops Support Search for Truth about Residential Schools

With recent excavations finding no human remains, Canadian Catholic Bishops say they stand with Indigenous communities and support the search for truth about residential schools 👉

Did You Know the Pope Has Official “Gentlemen”?

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