Why Don’t Catholics Read The Bible?

The perception among many Christians is that Catholics don't read or know the Bible. But is that true? Father Nixon explains...

What Should You Wear To Mass?

Father Michael discusses how and why you should think about what you're wearing to Mass. He also examines why it's important to welcome those who might not be dressed to your standards.

Is It A Sin For Catholics To Go To A Non-Catholic...

Today on Made for Glory, Father Michael Nixon discusses whether or not it is a sin for a Catholic to go to a non-Catholic church.

The Great Commission

Father Michael examines the final mission Jesus gave all of His disciples before He ascended into heaven.

The Catholic Roots of Mardi Gras

On this week's episode of Made for Glory, Father Michael discuses the Catholic roots of Mardi Gras.

Summer Update

Father Michael will be out of town for a couple of weeks. Thanks for helping support Made for Glory.

Preparing For Mass

Going to mass for the first time or for the first time in a long time can be intimidating, which is why on today's episode of Made for Glory, Father Michael shares three tips that will help you get prepared for mass.

Is Religion “Good”?

On today's Made for Glory, Fr. Michael Nixon discusses whether religion is a good thing or a bad thing.

What Is A Monk?

Father Michael talks about what a monk is, why someone would want to be a monk, and what exactly it is that monks do.

Last 7 Words of Jesus: Father, Forgive Them

Today on Made for Glory, we begin looking at the last 7 words of Jesus Christ, beginning with: Father, Forgive Them.

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