Pope Francis Says Women Are “Afraid to Get To Pregnant”

Pope Francis said women are "afraid to get pregnant" 🤰 because their employer's don't support them. What do you think they should do? 👇

Pope Francis Starts in New Climate Change Documentary

🍿👀📽 Are you going to watch this? Pope Francis is starring in a new documentary on climate change called "The Letter." See the trailer 👉

Russia ”Willing” to Speak With Pope Francis About Peace in Ukraine

Last month, Pope Francis helped a prisoner swap between Russia and Ukraine. Now, they've said Putin would be "willing" to discuss peace with him.

Pope Francis: Vatican Will Do Whatever Possible to End War in...

🤝Can the Vatican broker a cease-fire between Ukraine and Russia? Here's what Pope Francis said 👉

Swiss Bishops Say Church Excludes LGBT People and Denies Equality to...

🤔 Do you agree with the Swiss Bishops' Synod? They said the Church suffers from "denying equality to women" and excluding "people with LGBTQ identity."

Pictures: Pope Francis Arrives in Canada for “Penitential Pilgrimage”

Pope Francis arrived in Canada for his six day trip yesterday. During his visit, Pope Francis is expected to make an apology for the Church's role in the abuses committed against indigenous students in the Canadian residential school system.

Pope Francis Calls for Religious Freedom and End to Death Penalty...

On the first day of his first papal trip to 🇧🇭 Bahrain, Pope Francis called for full religious freedom and an end to the death penalty. Here's what he said 👉

Pope Donates Parthenon Fragments to Greek Orthodox Church

Most don't know that for nearly a thousand years the Parthenon stood as a Catholic Church!

Pope Francis: We Need Prayer to Avoid Nuclear War

Remembering the Cuban missile crisis 60 years ago, Pope Francis said we need prayer to avoid nuclear war ☢️💣 today.

Pope Francis’ Gift From Ukrainian Catholic Leader: Russian Mine Shrapnel

The leader of the Ukrainian Catholic Church gave Pope Francis a special gift: a fragment of a Russian mine that destroyed part of a church near Kyiv 💣