Québec Medical Association Advocates for Euthanasia of Infants

‍🙏Pray for severely ill infants! A member of the Quebec College of Physicians advocated for euthanasia over infants who's chance "of survival is null, so to speak."

Will US Reintroduce Communion From Chalice Like the UK?

🙏 The UK will resume Holy Communion from chalice after 3 years due to COVID. What will happen in the US? Here's what US Bishops said 👉

Four Seasons Hotel to Take Over Historic Building near Vatican

A historic palazzo near the Vatican is getting a makeover after a Catholic knighthood order signed a 30-year lease with Four Seasons hotel for a luxurious restoration.

Vatican’s Ukraine Ambassador Building Vandalized

😱 The Ukrainian Ambassador to the Holy See didn't name Russia directly as behind the vandalism.

Pope Francis Declares Polish Couple Martyred for Hiding Jews During WWII

On Saturday, Pope Francis honored Józef and Wiktoria Ulma, a Polish couple who were tragically killed by German police during World War II for...

Church Renews “Secret” Deal With China

🇻🇦🤝🇨🇳 The Holy See and Chinese government renewed their deal to be involved in appointing bishops. Other than that, the terms of the deal haven't been made public. 👉

Judge Says Catholic Hospital’s Transgender Surgery Denial Is Discrimination

A federal judge has ruled that St. Joseph Medical Center, a Catholic-founded hospital in Maryland, discriminated against a transgender patient by canceling a scheduled hysterectomy.

Vatican Says China Violated Terms of Agreement

🇻🇦🤝🇨🇳 Just a month after the Holy See and Chinese government renewed their agreement on appointing bishops, China violated the terms of the deal.

Report: 100+ Priests & Nuns Kidnapped, Detained, or Murdered in 2022

In 2022, several priests and nuns were killed, kidnapped, and detained while performing their duties in various countries, highlighting the dangers they face and the need for their protection.

All-Time Baseball Great & Catholic Convert Hank Aaron Passes

Passing at 86, one of baseball's all-time great who once surpassed Babe Ruth's home run record, Hank Aaron was also a Catholic convert.