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Watch: Pro-Abortion & Anti-Catholic Vandals Graffiti Church

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Québec Medical Association Advocates for Euthanasia of Infants

‍🙏Pray for severely ill infants! A member of the Quebec College of Physicians advocated for euthanasia over infants who's chance "of survival is null, so to speak."

Miami Archbishop Says Parkland Shooter’ Sentence Is ‘Severe and Just”

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Could Pope Francis Finally Meet Patriarch Kirill?

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Church Suspends “Padre Pistolas” Over Gun Advice

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Pope Francis Says the Vatican Christmas Concert Shouldn’t Be “Cliché”

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Santa’s Grave Discovered Under Ancient Church

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Trust Issues, Burnout, & Fear of False Allegations Top Survey of...

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Archbishop Says “Biden Is Not in Communion With the Catholic Faith”

In the past, Pope Francis said President Joe Biden needs to talk to his pastor about being Catholic and supporting abortion. Now, Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia has said he's not in communion with the Faith.