Pope Francis Tells His Papal Nuncios Not to Criticize Him “Behind...

At a third triennial meeting with apostolic nuncios, Pope Francis reminded them not to criticize him or the Church "behind his back."

Pictures: First Mass Celebrated in Notre Dame Since Fire Wearing Hardhats

Mass was celebrated at the Notre Dame Cathedral on Sunday for the first time in nearly two months after a devastating fire, all attending wearing hardhats.

Notre Dame to Celebrate First Mass Since Fire

Nearly two months after a devastating fire, Mass will once again be celebrated within the Notre Dame Cathedral on Sunday.

This Former Slave To Priest, Now Venerable, Is One Step Closer...

Pope Francis decreed Father Augustus Tolton, former slave to first ever ordained black diocesan priest, one step closer to sainthood as venerable.

Nun in a Legal Battle with Katy Perry Says Singer Has...

Amidst a legal battle over a convent real estate sale, Sister Rita Callanan says singer Katy Perry has "blood on her hands."

Costa Rica Follows California, Considers Bill Forcing Priests to Violate Confessional...

Costa Rica is considering legislation that would threaten the seal of confession, inspired by a recently introduced California bill that would do the same.

Bishop Paprocki Prohibits Communion for Pro-Abortion Illinois Lawmakers

Bishop Paprocki of Springfield has barred pro-abortion Illinois legislators from receiving the Holy Eucharist in his diocese.

Democrats Remove “So Help Me God” from House of Representatives Oaths

The Democrat Majority in the House of Representatives have removed "so help me God" from the oaths witnesses take prior to giving testimony.

Cardinal Pell’s Legal Team Makes Opening Arguments in Appeal of Abuse...

After a conviction for "historical abuse charges," Cardinal George Pell's legal team has made opening arguments setting out the case for his appeal.

Pope Francis Approves Changes to Lord’s Prayer & Gloria of Italian...

Pope Francis has approved a revision third edition of the Italian Missal, including changes to the Lord's Prayer and Gloria.

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