What Did Saint Valentine Look Like? 3D Facial Reconstruction Reveals the...

Thanks to a 3D digital facial reconstruction of Saint Valentine, we can now see what the beloved saint looked like.

Pope Francis Approves John Henry Newman’s Elevation to the Sainthood

Pope Francis signed off on the second miracle attributed to John Henry Newman's intercession, clearing the way for his canonization into the sainthood.

Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick Laicized by Pope Francis

McCarrick is the first cardinal to have been laicized over sexual abuse, and the first cardinal to have been laicized in nearly 5 centuries.

Pope Francis and Microsoft Team up to Promote Prize for Ethical...

Pope Francis and Microsoft are teaming up to sponsor an award for best dissertation on the ethics of "artificial intelligence at the service of human life."

Vatican Creates Official Website for Bishop Abuse Summit

The Vatican has published the official website for the meeting of bishops called by Pope Francis on "the protection of minors in the Church."

Pope Francis: “The Weak, the Poor, and Children Pay the Cost...

Pope Francis compared our times that of the Flood, commenting on the many wars being waged today, which are paid for by "the weak, the poor, and children."

Pope Francis at Protection of Minors Summit: “Hear the Cry of...

At the Protection of Minors summit, Pope Francis told those in attendance they must "hear the cry of the little ones who ask for justice."

Pope Francis at Protection of Minors Summit: 8 Steps for an...

At the conclusion of the Protection of Minor's summit, Pope Francis presented eight points the Church will focus on in an "All-Out Battle" against abuse.

California Bill Would Force Priests to Break Seal of Confession

A California state bill would remove the reporting exemption for Catholic priests, forcing them to break the seal of confession.

Holy See Responds to Cardinal Pell Guilty Verdict and Appeal

The Holy See issued a statement in response to the guilty verdict of Cardinal George Pell and the appeal of his conviction.

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