Katy Perry After Meeting with Pope Francis: “My Mom Prayed Her...

Following her meeting with Pope Francis in April, Katy Perry has come out and said that her mother prayed her whole life the singer would "come back to God," and that she is now more focused on "spirituality" in her thirties.

Pope Francis: Gay Couples Cannot Be Considered Families in the Image...

Pope Francis strongly reiterated the Church's teachings that only a union of man and woman can be considered a family in the image of God, even if they are non-believers.

Pope Francis on Seminarians: “If There’s a Doubt About Homosexuality, It’s...

In a closed door meeting with Italian bishops, Pope Francis offered his take on the growing vocations crisis, saying that if there is any doubt about homosexuality it is better not to have candidates enter the seminary.

Pope Francis Changes Catechism: Death Penalty Is Now “Inadmissible”

The Vatican announced that Pope Francis promulgated a change to the Catechism to reflect that the Church now teaches that the death penalty is "inadmissible."

Thieves Steal Relic Of The Brain Of St. John Bosco

A thief or thieves posing as pilgrims have stolen a relic of the brain of Saint John Bosco and Catholics around the world are praying...

Watch: Catholic Priest Competes on American Ninja Warrior

One priest is finding unique ways to spread the Faith: competing on American Ninja Warrior as "Father Flex" and using the experience as a stage for evangelization.

Australian Priests: We’d “Rather Go to Jail” Than Follow New Law...

Catholic priests have said they are "willing to go to jail" rather than violate the Seal of Confession after Australian states and territories pass and consider laws forcing them to break the confessional seal to report abusers.

What Causes Young People to Convert? Beautiful Churches and Cathedrals, Says...

According to a recently released study, visiting beautiful churches and cathedrals are one of the top reasons that influences the youth across the globe in deciding to convert to Christianity.

Pope Francis Injured In Colombia, Gets Black Eye And Cut

An unexpected bump in the popemobile caused the Holy Father to sustained a black eye and cut above his left eyebrow.

The Tomb Of Jesus Is Opened For The First Time Centuries;...

For the first time nearly half a millennia, the tomb of Jesus, the rock upon which he was laid after the Crucifixion, and from where He Resurrected, has been opened.

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