Pope Francis Calls for Support Following Libyan Floods

Pope Francis expresses deep sorrow over the Libyan floods, urging global support and prayers 🙏

Pope Francis Emphasizes Inner Life over Outward Appearances in Angelus Address

Pope Francis stressed the importance of nurturing the 'oil' of the soul over external image in his insightful Angelus address 👉

Pope Francis Appeals for Enduring Peace in Gaza amid Recent Conflict

🕊️ Pope Francis called for lasting peace in Gaza, mourning civilian casualties and praying for the continued ceasefire.

Alarming Rise: More Americans Back Violence in Abortion Rights Debate

📊 A recent study reveals a surge in Americans supporting violent measures to reinstate abortion rights.

Synod on Synodality Discusses Sexuality and Prioritizes LGBTQI Inclusion in Current...

The Synod on Synodality recently discussed the Church's stance on sexuality and explores avenues for LGBTQI inclusion 👉

Proposed Irish Legislation Envisions Safe Abortion Clinic Zones, Penalizing Violators with...

🇮🇪 Proposed legislation in Ireland will pave the way for "safe access zones" around abortion clinics, imposing fines and jail terms for violators.

Catholic Human Rights Organization Says Trafficking on the Rise in Mexico

One nun is speaking on Mexico's alarming human trafficking rates and what they're doing to fight back.

Belgian Bishop Challenges Catholic Teaching on Euthanasia

Bishop Johan Bonny of Antwerp challenged Catholic teaching on euthanasia, advocating for a more nuanced approach to end-of-life decisions 👉

Record Departures Stir Alarm in German Catholic Church, Yet Mass Attendance...

🇩🇪 Germany's Catholic Church faces a critical crossroads with record departures in 2022, even as Mass attendance shows a slight uptick.

Report Finds More Than Half the World Lives Under Religious Persecution

The 2023 Religious Freedom in the World report revealed an unsettling truth: over 50% of the world's population is shouldering the burdensome yoke of religious persecution.