Holy Smokes! The Pope Bans Cigarette Sales in the Vatican

Last Thursday, Pope Francis ordered the ban of all cigarette sales within the Vatican starting 2018, citing World Health Organization statistics that say smoking is the cause of seven million preventable deaths per year.

Using This Little Known Facebook Trick On This Picture Of The...

What may look like nothing more than an ordinary picture of a smiling Pope Francis is actually an amazing "secret" code that gives you the ability to...

French Court Orders Removal of Cross from Statue of John Paul...

Nearly two weeks after the celebration of his feast day, a French court has ordered the removal of a cross from a statue of Pope Saint John Paul II.

Police Remove Faithful Praying the Rosary from a Catholic Cathedral During...

In a Catholic cathedral, police removed a small group praying the rosary aloud for disrupting a service that was celebrating the Protestant Reformation.

Pope Francis Speaks to Astronauts Aboard International Space Station

On Thursday in the Vatican Pope Francis had a rather unusual meeting - a satellite phone call with the six astronauts currently aboard the International Space Station.

Mark Wahlberg: “I’ve Asked God for Forgiveness for My Past Movies”

Famous movie star and professed devout Catholic Mark Wahlberg said in an interview that he asked for God's forgiveness for the choices he has made - and for his past movies.

Something Out Of The Ordinary Is Happening At Every Catholic Mass...

This Sunday, October 22, is known as "World Mission Sunday", and when you attend Mass, after the usual offertory collection, there will be a second,...

Pope Francis Invites Prisoners To Lunch… And They Escape.

Two prisoners scheduled to have lunch with Pope Francis used the opportunity to dine with the Supreme Pontiff as a means of escape.

Archbishop Ganswein Denies Rumors That Pope Benedict Is Close to Death

The reports of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's death have been greatly exaggerated, according to his personal secretary Archbishop Georg Ganswein who spoke out against rumors that circulated on social media.

Millions Gather Around Polish Border to Pray the Rosary

Last Saturday, millions of Polish Catholics gathered around the countries 2000 mile border forming a human chain where they prayed the rosary to "save Poland and the world."

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