Pope Francis Prays for Chilean Plane That Disappeared Flying to Antarctica

Pope Francis is praying for the Chilean military plane bound for Antarctica that went missing Monday with 38 passengers on board.

Watch: Exclusive New Look at Ongoing Restoration Efforts of the Notre-Dame...

In an exclusive look at the restoration efforts, Chief architect Philippe Villeneuve said "today, we absolutely cannot say that Notre-Dame has been saved."

Vatican CDF Official: ‘No Logical Connection’ Between Celibacy and Abuse

A senior CDF official tasked with handling abuse allegation cases in Rome said there is "no logical connection" between abuse and clerical celibacy.

Study Finds Catholics Have Shortest Sermons of All Christian Denominations

A study by the Pew Research Center found that out of all Christian denominations, Catholic sermons are the shortest at a median length of 14 minutes.

Pope Francis Abolishes Papal Secrecy During Clerical Abuse Trial Proceedings

Pope Francis lifted the pontifical secret, making testimony from the proceedings of clerical trials involving abuse available to legal authorities.

Watch: Pope Francis Celebrates His 83rd Birthday

A few days after celebrating the fifty year anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood, Pope Francis is also celebrating his 83rd birthday.

Pope Francis Installs Life-Jacket Cross in the Vatican for Migrants and...

After a meeting with refugees who arrived from the Greek island of Lesbos, Pope Francis put up a life-jacket cross in the Vatican's Belvedere Courtyard.

Notre-Dame Only Has “50% Chance” of Being Saved & Restoration Wont...

The rector of Notre-Dame said the iconic Parisian cathedral has just a "50% chance" of being saved from the devastating fire in April.

Pope Francis Tells Families to Put Down Their Phones at the...

On the Feast of the Holy Family, Pope Francis called on families everywhere to communicate and get off their phones at the dinner table.

Pope Francis Apologizes for “Bad Example” After Being Grabbed on New...

Pope Francis apologized for his "bad example" after freeing himself from the grip of a woman who yanked his arm on New Years Eve in Saint Peter's Square.

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