US Bishops Report Unveils Rising Threats to Religious Liberty in America

The USCCB's yearly report highlighted five major threats to religious freedom in the US, including attacks on worship places and federal regulation.

Pope Francis Postpones Engagements Due to Flu Symptoms, Vatican Confirms

Pope Francis recently had to cancel a meeting with Rome's deacons and his Monday audiences, citing mild flu-like symptoms. Pray for the health of Pope Francis! 🙏

This Little-Known Parable Says a Lot About How To Do Your...

This parable teaches us why truly serving God involves humble obedience without seeking reward! 🛐

Pope Francis Says Migration Will Help Low Birth Rates in Rich...

During a recent event called “Care Is Work, Work Is Care” at the Vatican, Pope Francis addressed declining birth rates, suggesting that migration could...

Student Asks Pope Francis to Stop Using Offensive Language Towards LGBT...

In a video Q&A, a student asked Pope Francis to stop using offensive language toward the LGBT community and allow divorce in the Philippines 👉

Pope Francis Urges Church To “Eradicate Situations That Protect” Abusers

Pope Francis called for the Church to confront and dismantle systems that shield abusers, emphasizing accountability and moral integrity 👉

Astrophysicists Gather at Vatican Observatory to Explore Black Holes and Quantum...

The Vatican Observatory will host a conference next week, gathering renowned physicists to discuss black holes, gravitational waves, and quantum theory 🪐

Vatican Rules “Our Lady of All Nations” Marian Apparitions Are Not...

Devotion to "Our Lady of All Nations" is not approved after the Vatican reaffirmed a 1974 decision declaring alleged 1945-1959 Amsterdam Marian apparitions non-supernatural.

Pope Francis Grants Special Blessing for US National Eucharistic Congress

Pope Francis has extended a special blessing and plenary indulgences for participants of the upcoming US National Eucharistic Congress!

Ancient Skeleton Found Amid Excavation for Rome’s 2025 Jubilee

A centuries-old skeleton was discovered near the Vatican during construction for Rome's 2025 Jubilee, linked to a piece of the city's hidden past 👉