Pope Francis Talks Seal of Confession With French Prime Minister

The two discussed the seal of confession, a couple days after the French government said Catholic priests 'must report abuse allegations heard in confession.'

Pope Francis Makes Surprise Visit to Vatican’s Summer Camp for Kids

Visiting the play areas, he told them to make new friends because 'people who only know how to have fun by themselves are selfish.'

Pope Francis Cuts Cardinal’s Pay

Pope Francis cut the salaries of some Vatican employees to contain costs.

Peoria Bishop: Venerable Fulton Sheen ‘Should Be Made a Saint’

Nearly 2 years after Venerable Fulton Sheen's beatification was postponed for unclear reasons, a Peoria Bishop said he 'should be made a saint.'

Pope Saint John Paul II Relic From Poland Stolen

🙏 Please pray for this relic of Pope Saint John Paul II to be returned!

Snow During Summer in Rome? Yes, It Happened (Miraculously, Too.)

The outline for one of Rome's most famous churches today was outlined in the snow by this pope.

Just 1 in 6 Catholics Believe “My Religion Is One True...

Asking US adults from all religions, Catholics were least likely to believe theirs is the One True Faith leading to eternal life in Heaven.

French Government Says Priests ‘Must Report Abuse Allegations Heard in Confession’

The French bishop's conference said they won't compromise on Church teaching.

Pope Francis Names the Lateran Palace a Museum

The papal residence for centuries, Pope Francis has now designated the Lateran Palace for 'museum and cultural activities.'

Pope Francis Appoints a New Spokesman for the Vatican

Pope Francis has appointed a new spokesman for the Vatican, Matteo Bruni, succeeding interim director of the Holy See Press Office Alessandro Gisotti.

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