Pope Saint Evaristus

Pope Saint Evaristus was the fifth pope, holding office from circa 97 to 105. He was also known as Aristus. Little is known about Saint Evaristus.

Pope St. Anterus

Just about the only thing that can be said about Pope Anterus is that he was Greek. Not every pope with a Greek name...
Pope St. Cornelius

Pope St. Cornelius

Pope St. Cornelius whose feast day is September 16th. A Roman priest, Cornelius was elected Pope to succeed Fabian in an election delayed fourteen...
St. Cletus

Pope St. Cletus

St. Cletus (sometimes Anacletus), the third Pope, governed the Roman Church from about 76 to about 88 during the reigns of the Emperor Vespasian...
Pope St. Soter

Pope St. Soter

Pope Saint Soter (died 174) was the Bishop of Rome, succeeding Pope St. Anicetus, during the latter half of the 2nd Century with his pontificate,...
St Clement

St. Clement

Little is known of this apostolic father beyond a few facts. He was a disciple of S. Peter, and perhaps of S. Paul. It...
Pope St Gelasius I

Pope St. Gelasius I

Pope St. Gelasius I, was born in Rome, in the fifth century, the son of an African named Valerius. Some have asserted that Gelasius...

Pope Saint Telesphorus

Pope Saint Telesphorus (ca. 125 - 138 AD) was a Greek who had been an anchorite. He ruled the Church in the time of Emperor Antoninus Pius. To St. Telesphorus are attributed some church practices which endure down to this day.
Pope St Gregory III

Pope St. Gregory III

He was just standing there, not doing anything special. As a Syrian priest he must have felt a little out of place among the...

Pope Saint Hyginus

Pope Saint Hyginus was bishop of Rome from about 138 to about 140. He was born in Athens, Greece at an unknown date. The Liber Pontificalis also relates that this pope organized the hierarchy and established the order of ecclesiastical precedence (Hic clerum composuit et distribuit gradus). Eusebius claims that Hyginus's pontificate lasted four years.