What We Can Learn from the Church Scandals

Watch Brian Holdsworth's video about how we should respond to the disappointment that is caused by the scandals and moral failures of our spiritual leaders.

Evangelize The World

Sharing good news with people you love - that's what evangelizaiton is all about.

On Leaving The Catholic Church During Scandal

During times of scandal like what the Church is experiencing now, many are tempted to leave the Church...

Is God Angry?

Atheist critics claim that the God of the Old Testament is angry and violent. Is this true? 

Does The Catholic Church Have Too Many Rules?

Rules. Rules. Rules. People can tend to look at religion as merely a rule book on living a good life, but is that what religion is really all about?

Should Pope Francis Change the Catechism on the Death Penalty?

How can you make sense of and respond to the announced changes to the Catechism regarding the death penalty?

Why Doesn’t Jesus Just Reveal Himself to Everyone?

Jesus could easily prove his existence to all people by just appearing to all people... but why doesn't He?

Does Censorship Stop Hatred?

Freedom is the Solution to Hate, Not Censorship, Truth is the Solution to Hate, Censorship does not Prevent Hate

Why Did Jesus Say “Why Have You Abandoned Me?”

On the Cross, why did Jesus say "Eloi Eloi lama Sabachthani", which means "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?

Yet Another Scandal In The Church…

It’s a strange idea that the only way to truly respect and honor women is to expect them to be more like men. That seems like you're just honoring men and masculinity.

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