Are You A Bad Catholic If You Smoke, Drink, And Swear?


Are you a bad Catholic if you smoke, drink, swear, and use drugs? What about the Popes & Saints who smoked? What about the Saint who was a life-long drug addict? What about when Saint Paul says the word Sh*t in the Bible?

On this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, we are joined by Michael Knowles from The Daily Wire to discuss those common vices that have stigmas attached to them.

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  1. As long as you don’t get too drunk or high or physically addicted, you should be fine in moderation.
    This would mean that some cannabis, a glass of wine, zero meth, opiates for medical reasons – are OK.
    The rest is danger bro. Also addiction resulting from legit medical usage, eg. opiates is not a sin, but one should try to wind down to detox if possible and safe. Finally spending too much money on these things is not right since the poor need out help. The key is too keep trying to do the right thing.


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