You govern your creation,
 O God, and bring it to perfection by the work of our hands. Hear the prayers of your people who ask for work that will enhance their human dignity and promote the upbuilding of your kingdom. Enable them to provide for those confided to their care either by family ties or by charity we owe to one another for the betterment of human life. We ask this blessing in the name of Jesus who labored with his own hands while he lived on earth.


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  1. Please, Please pray for my husband, that we get some contracts for projects! We are realy runner low on money…I dont know how we are going to make our bills this month. Please help me find a good paying job!
    in JMJ

  2. I’m a girl of 21, wanting to go for further higher studies, but having financial problems. So I really need a well paying job of my choice as soon as possible. Please pray for me!

  3. Our Lord,help me please to achieve success in transport & forwarding business.
    Oh God, help me please by Your charity move to Germany with my family and to have a roof .

  4. Please pray for my husband, Al McRae, who is a self-employed plumber and is looking for a job in his profession. It’s been difficult for him to provide for us, due to plumbing jobs been far & few between. He needs a consistent & steady income. Please pray to St. Joseph on behalf of my husband & for all people who need jobs for themselves & for their families. Thank u & Amen

  5. Give us strength, Lord to keep our faith while the struggles strips us of our comforts and peace. May the blessings outpour, so that they not only find employment, but employed for those who know the warmth of our Lord. I pray for all those looking for jobs right now. It is tough. I found a job three months ago and am miserable. God knows. Please give me the strength of heart to endure this trial, God. Look out for those who are seeking jobs right now. We need your blessings. Amen.

  6. Dear Lord Jesus i need a job i have been for 2 job interviews and asked many others for work i cant help my family and i always help the poor in yr name but now i feel helpless please find me some sort of income. Thank you

  7. Lord Jesus, please help me 2 get a job that is suitable for me as my current is a waste of tme 2 my talent, time and effort. Plus, please help 2 learn getting along with the people I am going 2 work with.

  8. dear lord, please help me 2 get a better job… anything will do as long as i have a job this i asked through christ our lord. amen

  9. Dear Lord, I pray that everything will turn out right for everyone…I pray that me and my friends will find a better job here in Europe.And hope we can have a good, kind and nice employers and a better job and co-workers..Thank you for everything..Amen.

  10. Dear Lord, please help me to find a good and honest job to be independent and to buy a home for myself,since my parents can’t no longer stand my remaining at home…I desperately need it.I thank you for being fulfilled…

  11. Dear Lord, Holy God, I thank you for all the blessing you have given, and continue to give us, who deserve none of them! Help me to go to work joyfully and be thankful I have ajob, because there are so many without jobs! Let me be an example of you everyday! Even though my job is not what I want, or that I love, help me, Oh Lord, to do it for you, as a sacrifice. I love you my Lord! I know you will take care of us!

  12. Thank you Jesus for this Job and please lead the way as I search for a better one and give me the strength to pay my tithes. Mother Mary please continue to pray for me and my family. Thank you.

  13. Please Lord help me to find another job that will permit me to continue my education and follow Your will and is a little closer to home. I am having a hard time with my current job and I really need your help to make everything work out so that I can finish what I need to finish and continue walking on your path. Thank You for the blessings you have given me and helped me to share with those around me. You truely are awesome and I do not know what would happen to me with out you. Thank You Lord.


  14. I am currently on workmans comp 4 injury while @ work. I was bit by a Rattlesnake. My finances are in peril and my bills are piling up. I put my life in total on Gods Hands. I ask 4 prayers and guidence in Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • Dear brother, give thanks to the Lord for saving your life too.. you could have been a ‘GONER’, and that would have been a lot worst for your family.. God bless you as you recover, HE has always been there!.

  15. Pray for me to be able to put in extra effort to obtain a good degree to get employed in the work market and not just employed but to get a good job to help those who are in need of support..(AMEN)

  16. Please hear my prayers for all of these good hardworking people who have asked for your intercession St. Joseph. Please help my family as well to find income that allows us to continue living in our home and in our home town. Please help my husband to make enough so I can stay home with my kids and educate them. Thank you dear St. Joseph the worker.

  17. Dear God in The Holy Trinity,
    Please help me find a job I can do physically and still make enough money to keep my independence. I love You

  18. Dear St. Joseph and Saint Gabriel Patron of Broadcasters, Please allow me to restore my dignity and recieve a position in radio progamming that I so dearly love. It would be for the betterment of my family, your family and the Kingdom of heaven. This I ask you in Christ’s name, Amen.p://

  19. Dear God, please help me that my business will be able to support me or that I will find a part time job.
    Blessings for all those who seek work.

  20. Heavenly father pls grant the application of my husband in going to canada for a job we need this for a better education of our 3 kids.
    your well be done O Lord because I know and i believe that you knew whats best for us .

  21. Lord.Please help me to get business from the company’s that I would visit tomorrow, and those I had visited in the past. Thanks.

  22. dear lord, im a believer, and i adore you with all my heart. im stress and down, please lord, enlighten my mind, and help me with my struggles. help me and guide me with my career, and please be at my side everyday,help me with my job hunting so i can help in providing my family’s need..amen

  23. Please pray for us. We just found out that my husband, company will be closing their doors. Any time from now until Christmas. We aren’t sure how we are going to make it. The company I work for, the health plan. If we go with it, will more than half of my paycheck. It will not leave us enough money to pay for rent or anything else. So please pray for us, so we can make it.

  24. I pray and ask for the grace to continue persevering looking for work. And I pray that I find the perfect place of employment where God would like me to serve Him. And for those also who are unemployed I pray that they do not lose hope. For those on the brink and unknown state I pray that they completely trust you Jesus and that their faith be stretched and renewed, that they grow strong in reliance on you, you alone. I pray that they see the opportunity to come close and closer to you as you have revealed to me that nothing in our lives is wasted. I ask this in your name Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Saint Joseph, pray for us.

  25. Thank you Jesus for my work and I pray for all the above people, who want to have a decent work to help their dependents, their families and beloved ones.

  26. I’ve been out of work for four years now. Lord, please show me mercy, so i could be useful to my self and to you. Give me seed to plant so i could partake in your harvest. Thank You Lord.

  27. Please God help me to be able to take care of my child..let me get this job, and make me able to do it with love and ease. Thank you for hearing my prayers, In Jesus name I pray.


  28. Please Lord,
    We’ve lost our home, now, we don’t have rent money. We need work desperately. Please, help our family to be able to find work and pay our bills. I don’t know where we will live after the 15th. It’s very cold outside. JMJ

  29. Please pray for my family, especially my husband. He was laid off of work for many months only returning with a huge paycut.We were struggling to get caught up finanically, but no it is impossible.Our mortgage is now to be put in forclosure status.This is our home, we have 2 young children.I know God will always provide, but is is very scary!

  30. PLEASE MY DEAR LORD,place me where you would like to be for work i want to work , please lead me in the right direction amen praise be to you lord jesus christ amen

  31. Amen.

    For those threatened with redundancy, please help them through the uncertainty and worry. Give strength to those who’ve recently lost their jobs. Help those who support others in need through their work.

  32. Please pray for me that I pass a civil service exam and get an interview for an education job. God, please answer my prayer! Amen

  33. please i need your prayer for me to get a well payed job so i can be able to cater for my family need and people around me.

  34. GOD help me find a job,so that i can share my hand with my husband to lead a happy life.At times i feel i lost all my confidence.Lord help us.Include us in your prayers

  35. St Joseph! kindly intercede that I may find gainful employment soon! with no funds to fall back on I am going desperate …

  36. Please pray for Jeff, my boyfriend. He was let go from his job in July of 2011 after 11 yrs. of dedicated service. I say dedicated because we worked for the same company and I saw his strong work ethics.

    He is 50 yrs., of age, a diabetic and suffered a heart attack back in 2001.

    I ask that at least one of his resumes fall into the right hands and he will be working soon.

    Thank you so much!

  37. Please have my family in your prayers…My husband lost hisjob in February and noone has called him.Thank you God Bless!!!

  38. O Lord I pray for advancement for those who are in need and for myself in my current position. Thank you O Lord, amen

  39. oh God plz gv me a good job after my servce yr so dat i cn b of hlp to those who need it frm me either through family ties or charity.

  40. Dear Jesus, please provide me and my brother a great job for each so we may be able to support ourselves and the family, and to the church and do charity. Please help my brother especially, as he has been withour a job for years due to his illness. All things are possible with You, Lord, only You have the solution to his need. Have mersy on us and our poor family. And help me to get a job that my talents You bestows in me can be used and developed well. Thank you Jesus & I love you. In Jesus’ name we pray. Mary our Mother, pray for us. Joseph, pray for us.

  41. Jesus please help me to find and obtain the job you created me for and help me to keep it. Let it be a job that brings glory to you and will allow me to give generously to your causes as well as meeting my own needs. Let it be a job that will allow me to pay off all my debts so that there is nothing in my finances that will bring shame.

  42. I am unemployed and have been for 19 months at this writing. I pray for all unemployed people and for employers. May God grant that there are jobs for all those who seek one. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

  43. Seigneur donne moi le travail qui me permettra de te glorifier et non de me séparer de toi.

    Lord hear my prayer!

  44. Lord God please help me to find employment that utilizes my skills and can enjoy with sense of accomplishment and room for growth within the company, Amen

  45. Saint Joseph, pray for me to find honest and blessed employment and to be able to help my family and the Church.


  46. Dear St. Joseph, please give my 2 sons stable jobs that can sustain their lives and their future family and for me and my husband to find joy, peace and abundance in our jobs, and for my family to have the blissful and blessed relationships like you have with Jesus and Mary, St. Joseph, please intercede for us, bless and protect us, Amen.

  47. Lord please cleanse me from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet in your precious blood & fill me with your Holy you Lord i give my entire career of the lifetime,all the upcoming jobs in my whole life,the organizations i will work on as well as it’s staffs members & all the people i will meet in my life, my financial needs along with my security throughout my life cleanse all in your precious blood please bless me with safe dignified job wherever i go in my life whichever part of the world i move on to be around good & uplifting people.Lord i have kept my whole trust on you & let i donto have to be ashamed for this at all.Bless, protect & Help me forever.I am jobless & searching very hard for it.Bless me with a safe,dignified & uplifting job that will help & meet all the needs of my & my family.Lord please hear my prayers.Amen!!!

  48. Please dear Lord hear my prayer – I need your guidance on what to do and say when applying for a job. I have been out of work for almost a year and my job searching has been futile, and I am still looking but nothing is happening. I pray for your help.

  49. Please dear Lord hear my prayer – I am desperate, I need to find a job soon. I need your guidance on what to do and say when applying for a job. I have been out of work for almost a year and my job searching has been futile, and I am still looking but nothing is happening. I pray for your help.

  50. “Bless, 0 Lord of the centuries and the millennia, the daily work by which men and women provide bread for themselves and their loved ones. We also offer to your fatherly hands the toil and sacrifices associated with work, in union with your Son Jesus Christ, who redeemed human work from the yoke of sin and restored it to its original dignity. – Pope John Paul II

  51. Please pray for me that my employment situation improves. My boss is not distributing the work evenly and favoring certain employees. I pray that my boss distributes the work fairly so that we can all stay busy. In Jesus name I pray, amen

  52. Dear Lord, you know my social repsonsibility on this earth within this time you have given me to stay on this world. Grant me a jod that will provide and enable me to provide those who need my help. employment that give me time to go to church and honor you,. In Jesus Name.

  53. Dear Lord, please help me discern an aspiration in line with the skills and talents that you have given me, so that I may put them to use for your greater glory in that field and to the benefit of the whole Church. I have been out of University for nearly a year now and feel I have gone completely down the wrong path in life. Oh Lord please offer me guidance in my time of need, I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

  54. O My God, I ask in your name, for grace and for glory that you would help me get a job, so that my desires of contributing to my family and society. Awould be achieved. Amen!!!!,

  55. O My God, I ask in your name, for grace and for glory that you would help me get a job, so that my desires of contributing to my family and society would be achieved. Amen!!!!,

  56. I pray for Noel that his visa and ticket for qatar will soon be given to him. I pray that You will bless him with a good life and that You will always guide him in everything he does. In Jesus name. Amen

  57. St. Joseph and St. Jude, I pray that you interceed on my daughter’s behalf in help her find employment. She is a single mother with a young son.

    I ask in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


  58. Please pray for me to find a job. I have been unemployed for 2 years. My debt is mounting and health is declining as a result of my situation. Please petition on my behalf Mother Mary and St. Joseph.


  59. I thank you Father for I know that you have a job waiting for me. Give me patience to wait for your will to be done and allow me the grace to rest assured. You know the nuber of hairs on my head and all of my needs. I trust in You Father. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

  60. St. Joseph, We pray for Cedric who has lost his job and is not able to support his 15yr old son with Down Syndrome. That Cedric may be blessed with a job and his son may get admission in school.
    Also for the many special need children who are looking for admission in the normal school.

  61. Lord please help me, im not really sure if im waiting for nothing, or what decision to make, but i need a job that will give me more time to pursue my dreams, a job that will enable me to improve myself, dont know what to do 🙁

  62. Matthew 7:7-9Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.
    Hebrews 4:16Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.
    Psalms 23:1The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
    Luke 12:29-31…Do not seek what you should eat or what you should drink, nor have an anxious mind…your Father knows that you need these things. But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you.

  63. Dear Lord I pray that you are with my husband today and help him so that he can help others with the skills you so blessed him with. Lord please hear my prayer.

  64. Dear God, please grant to my 2nd born son his dream job, to be a policeman, this is his childhood dream, giving it to him will fulfill his life, hope this will bring happiness and completeness of his life and that you will give it to him according to your Will, bless and protect him, thank you God for answering our prayers, Amen.

  65. Dear Lord, you have blessed your son (Oscar Vasquez Jr.) with your God given talents, strengthen him in his faith as he continues to be a husband and father for his family, instill him a zest for wanting to form a more perfect relationship with you, forgive him for those moments when he has turned away from you, heal his body, mind and spirit towards your light, in Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

  66. Holy father, may you show favor on Gabriel Vigil, and grant that he may find work in this most difficult time. Grant that the slander against him may fall away. Oh loving father, may his talents and love be seen by others and put to fruitful use. I humbly pray that my prayers be heared and granted. Thank you oh Lord, Amen

  67. Join me in praying to God Almighty Father, the maker of heaven and earth to grant me rewarding job that can take care of my independence ratio. In short to show me what i will do to take good care of my children (family) which He have given to me and others who i have responsibilities of taking good care of them

  68. Bless me to receive for a new job opportunity this Year 2014,and for the Social Security System LOAN of my past Father for the support the financial to my family & to plan for a new brand House & Lot.Amen

  69. Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for your love and for giving me a good job more than my expectation, I surrender into your holy Hands my Job, my Bosses and my colleagues. Lord; you know my needs and concerns. Bless according to your will Amen.

  70. Dear God, I pray for a better job placement at my expertise. I would love to do a job as my hobby rather than a job. And to progress well in both career and desire.. I pray in your most holy name. Amen.

  71. Pray for us Saint Joseph, that I & my husband may find divine favour of man & God.spread your light of success in all we do & fill our every step with countless opportunities of success in abundance in jesus name.Amen!

  72. Dear God, through the intercession of St. Joseph, please help my daughter find a good job for the glory of Your kingdom and the betterment of her soul. Thank you!

  73. Loveable My Holly Father, Protect Our Every Workers, Be With Them Always. Guide Them In Your Spirit… Always Support Them In The Good Things.. Amen…

  74. Please God, help me! I beg of you help me out of the situation I am in. Please provide me with the job that I so badly need to provide for my family. In Jesus, name I pray. Amen

  75. O Lord, Please grant me this work for the interview that recently went. I am feeling restless and I am in deep agony of the times that I am alone and nothing to do.


  76. O Lord grant the job for my son, as he is called on the 9th June, please Lord don’t. Disappoint him. Thank you Jesus for the provision. Also pray for all in need of jobs. Thank you Jesus Praise you Jesus.

  77. Dear Lord, I place all my trust in You and Your Divine Sacred Heart. I trust that the income I need to pay all of my debts in full will arrive soon from the fruits of my labor with Your guidance and assistance. Thank You, Dear Lord, for all of the blessings that You have given and continue to give me every day of my life!

  78. Dear Heavenly Father and Saint Joseph please help my sister n law who is in need of work. She is depressed Please help give her self confidence and wisdom to allow herself to hear you Dear Lord. We love her but can’t help her on our own. In your name we pray. Amen

  79. Please Dear Lord, grant me the job at the correctional facility so that I my provide for my family, I thank you heavenly father for hearing my prayers Amen.

  80. Lord I pray that you help me get a sustainable job so i may provide for my family and be a blessing to people around me. Lord hear my prayer

  81. Heavenly Father we beseech your help for our son-in-law to pass his licensing test so that he may be able to find employment in the respiratory field. We ask this through Jesus Chist your son. Amen.

  82. Lord I pray that I get a call back for a permanent position at my previous job or a great, new job offer soon so that I can provide for my son….please provide for me in my time of drought….In Jesus’s name, Amen

  83. Dear Lord,

    We only call your name & pray and you will be in our midst.

    Please help me find work very soon as our expenses are starting to pile up. Please help me find a good job which you know i can be able to use the gift you have given me, the talent that i can share and will be for your great glory as you use me. Please send me the people who will help me for this. We know you are our great Provider, Lord. Yes, Lord hear our prayers. Thank you Lord in advance as we claim the victory in Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

  84. Heavenly Father thank you for the job you have me working at now, I pray to become a full time employee of the airlines or whatever it is pertaining to the airport. Praise you for knowing what’s best for me and for changing my directions. Deliver me from the evils of my (ex-spouse) render all his tactics ineffective in his desire to destroy me and avenge his pride. May Jesus answer he when he comes for me. Thank you again and I pray to some day become a flight attendant and make my parents proud of me, finally. In Jesus name I pray amen

  85. Please Lord help me find a counseling job as I have a Masters degree in Human Services Marriage and Family Counseling.

  86. Lord grant me a Job and also grant my family members employment, manifest your power in our lives, so by the testimonies of our mouth soul shall be converted to you. Amen

  87. Please God , help me in this time of hardship… Let what I put in my effort to do replenish.. Help also my lovely Amarachi ekebuike in this her difficult time… Don’t let us be put to shame.. God bless our efforts.. I pray also for my mother … Please come to our aid Lord God.. Mary mother of Jesus help intercede on our behalf.. Amen

  88. Hmm it appears like your site ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m
    thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to the whole thing.
    Do you have any helpful hints for novice blog writers?

    I’d definitely appreciate it.

  89. Lord God grant me the opportunity to advance my career that i may be able to achieve my full potential. I pray for my Lovely Mercy that you may listen to her prayer and grant her a new job while giving her strength in her current state of work. in a special way i pray for Morris and Juli that you may listen to the cries and grant them job opportunity. St Joseph Pray for us.

  90. All praises are in you oh lord, holy is your name we pray to you for you great glory on us who are helpless seeking for mercy holy father help me give hope to overcome my challenges especially today i pray to you to give me whatever am looking for at you hands lord give me home, wife, job and hail my sickness am suffering from . I asked your mother Hail Mary ………………Now at hour of our death. AMEN

  91. Please pray for me and my family, that i may secure a place in the English Premier League club, so that i may take the name of family and country forward, and through this i will share his love to the less privilege and the name of the Lord Jesus will always be praise for ever AMEN.

  92. There Lord hear me o Lord, make my dreams come true, for i have always dream’t of playing for Liverpool football club, but i don’t know were to start, Lord you are the only one who can make a way were there is no way, Father from this very moment i ask of your favor, before the year 2017 run’s out do your miracle in my life, even if it is not Liverpool, but you alone know were is best for your children, this i ask through you only begotten son Jesus, i pray, Amen.

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