St. Apollonia0 Glorious Apollonia, patron saint of dentistry and refuge to all those suffering from diseases of the teeth, I consecrate myself to thee, beseeching thee to number me among thy clients. Assist me by your intercession with God in my daily work and intercede with Him to obtain for me a happy death. Pray that my heart like thine may be inflamed with the love of Jesus and Mary, through Christ our Lord. Amen. 0 My God, bring me safe through temptation and strengthen me as thou didst our own patron Apollonia, through Christ our Lord.


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  1. Please, please, please heavenly Father, I come to you in distress and ask for protection, guidance, comfort, strength and a positive resolution for Gabriel’s serious situation. We need you desperately, please show him your mercy and do not abandon us in our time of great need. I love you so much!!!! And believe, with all my heart, that all things are possible through You.

  2. Praying for your divine healing and for a good oral health St. Apollonia. We humbly ask and pray for your mercy and graces to endure. Amen

  3. Please pray for my mouth to heal and root canal goes good and the top and bottom bridges can fit better. I have had an enormous amount of work done and I am a diabetic. It has been very hard on me. I trust in the Lord, he never fails and always deliver my requests. St Apollonia help with this healing, please.

  4. Please pray for my family to see the defeat of the wicked plots of evil neighbours mahboob ali n flymadarsab and fly,rammana,rahim,pasha,basheer,rahmath,salma,razia and othrz

    Please pray for my mother suffering of fever,constant cough,severe pain n swelling in legs,depression,high BP,vertigo,severe skin allergy.

    Please pray for me to be healed of severe pain/weakness of the legs/hips/ back troubling muscle/nerves which bloats my stomach and also makes it very difficult for me to walk

    Please pray for my family members who are suddenly afflicted with fever,constant cough,allergy,stomach-sleep disorders,bodyaches and others.

    Please pray for our cheating relatives daisamma simon and family to give back all they have cheated from us for decades with full interest

    pray for gracy suffering of chronic asthma with breathlessness, severe body cramps,constant cough with phlegm,sleepPlease lessness,allergy.

    My mother s suffering terribly from depression,varicose veins,high BP,vertigo,psoriasis,arthritis,severe weakness,stomach ache,back n leg pain.

    Please pray for a change in Mrs Mahboob ali,salma who are instigating members to quarrel with us and giving false charges to the police

    Please pray for my family members to be protected from any slips and falls as the flooring in our house is very slippery and with big cracks

    Please pray for my family members who are facing a lot of problems with bed bugs,lizards and rats that are increasing in number in our house

    Please pray for chacko to be healed of piles bleeding,foul smell,pain/discomfort/irritation in stomach/back,hip,legs unable 2 lie/sit down.

    Please pray for gracy to be protected from any punishments in her offfice and protected from evil people who are troubling her in office

    From morning onwards experiencing uneasiness,stiffness,burning sensations in the left chest area.Was not able to sit in church. Please pray.

    Work stress is afflicting gracy with severe allergy,anaemia,vertigo,constipation,sleep disorder,severe cramps in leg/hands at night. please3 pray for her healing and deliverance and also for her leave applications to be sanctioned.

    Please pray for chacko, who is living alone in the house,to be protected from every evil forces,ailments as the family is not in town

    Please pray for vidyarthi sundar n fly,babiah n fly never to trouble us ever again as these people have caused great problems for my family

    Please pray for chacko to get back his lost job without waging a court case or beg any superiors,healed of depression and all other disease.

    Please pray for the cancellation of the new zone creation or any changes and my family not to affected with any relocation.

    Please pray for my family who are troubled with sicknesses. We had finished the 2016 with constant sickness and are into the new year with sickness. My mother lucy hasn’t slept in the past 3 days because of fever,constant coughing with heavy phlegm,body pain,giddiness, urinary infection,BP problems. Last year she was admitted in the ICU for more than a week and has not recovered fully. Many swine flu affected deaths are reported every day in our state.

    Please pray for her complete healing from this present affliction.

  5. Pray for Annette tooth problems.Pray for my marriage and family. A.F and family can lose weight,exercise and eat healthy. Pray for Mary will have a safe and good pregnancy,delivery and healthy baby. Pray for Tom will not be stressed.Pray for Tom and Alysha engagement,new home,van,girls.Pray for Tom and Alysha court hearing.Pray for Mary,Steve,Eric. Pray for Mary and Nate marriage and new home,cars,jobs,being pregnant.Pray for Ryan and Kylie.Pray for Ryan conversion,health,grades,jobs,finds good spouse and does well in college. A.F will socialize with many good people.

  6. Please, St Apollonia, intercede for my son and the problem he has with his teeth/gums. Pray for him for prompt healing. In Jesus’ name, Amen


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