ThanksgivingFather all-powerful,
your gifts of love are countless
and your goodness infinite.

On Thanksgiving Day
we come before you
with gratitude for your kindness:
open our hearts to concern
for our fellow men and women,
so that we may share your gifts
in loving service.

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ,
your Son, who lives and reigns
with You and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.
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  1. Thank you Lord for all the good in my life …… and as well for the crosses, that make me understand that without YOU I could never go on …. thank you mother Mary and all my beloved saints and angles…THANK YOU !!!!

  2. Thank you Lord for all the wonderful things that YOU have done for me. Thank you for showing me the miracles. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful family, girlfriend and blessing me with a great job. Without YOU my life would go astray.
    Thank you Lord Jesus for all the wonderful and meaning life…..

  3. Lord thank you for all the wonderful blessings you give me every day and please protect my family and myself and help us reach our goals. Amen.

  4. thank you my Lord Jesus for everything good in my life, I know that You’re always there for me, even when I fall, You’re still there for me. Amen

  5. 0 Glorious Apollonia, patron saint of dentistry and refuge to all those suffering from diseases of the teeth, I consecrate myself to thee, beseeching thee to number me among thy clients. Assist me by your intercession with God in my daily work and intercede with Him to obtain for me a happy death. Pray that my heart like thine may be inflamed with the love of Jesus and Mary, through Christ our Lord. Amen. 0 My God, bring me safe through temptation and strengthen me as thou didst our own patron Apollonia, through Christ our Lord.


  6. Lord,thanks for the blessings that you give to me. I ask forgiveness.I failed to do my task. Help me,strengthen my hearts and mind.So I can do my best.I ask this through Christ our lord .Amen. And Lord , please make my brothers and sisters to be kind,smart,studiuous and helpful . Give them strength and joy in life. I ask this through christ our lord . Amen .


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