Please comment below to leave your prayer request. As your request will be prayed for, please also pray for the petitions of others! Remember in your prayers, those in purgatory, all those suffering around the world, and for the intentions of the Pope! Lord, hear our prayer!

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  1. Dear Lord, hear our prayers. Almighty Father, Lord Jesus, Blessed Virgin Mary, Holy Spirit and all the Saints that watch over us, please pray for me and my family, stand by us, protect us and keep us safe. I humbly beg of You, please, grant me the one Miracle that I pray for in my prayers, and petitions, spoken and unspoken, each and every day. Continue to help us in every way and anyway that You can. Please find it in your hearts to pray for all the petitioners on this wonderful site. In Your names I ask these things. Thank You for prayers answered even those prayers that are unspoken. Amen, amen.

  2. First of all, I would like to give thanks and praise for all the blessings in my life, especially all the people that are in my life right now. I thank you, Lord!
    Please pray for a friend of mine (Rob) who is having problem with his health. He is having some sort of problem with his heart and also his foot. The pain in his foot along with the worries are keeping him up at night. May God be with him as he go through this difficult time. Through this experience, may it help him to strengthen his faith.
    Please also pray for peace: in the world, our country, in my family, and in my heart.
    Please pray for all those who are facing difficulties in their lives, especially for my friend Jeff. Whatever difficulties/challenges they are facing. May bitterness and negativity not reign their hearts, but rather true peace.
    Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints, may I be able to find a full time and stable job.
    May I have the courage to get over my fear of driving. Please Lord, please give me the strength and wisdom in learning how to drive. Thank you, Lord.
    Please Lord watch over those who are affected by wars and natural disasters (flooding and fires). Please watch over them and protect them. Amen.

  3. Heavenly Father, In all modesty I come to You as always first to thank You for Your unconditional love, grace, blessings, protection and guide, which You have so unfailingly favored me with and I am so fortunate to receive and accept. You are my rock and my guiding light and I love you. Lord, I humbly pray to You asking for Your assistance with my family, especially my daughters, that they may forgive each other, and heal physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, with unconditional love, compassion, respect and tolerance with/to each other, and unite us as a family. Please Lord heal their grievances and unite our family, and heal the illnesses that each of our family members are going through. May bitterness and negativity not reign their hearts, but rather true love, and strength in their faith. I also humbly ask that my daughters find good employment so that they are better able to support themselves, be prosperous. Oh Merciful God, hear our prayers. Almighty Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, Blessed Virgin Mary, all choir of Angels, and all the Saints that watch over us, please pray for my family, stand by us, protect us and keep us safe. I humbly beg of You, to grant me this one Miracle that I pray for in my prayers and petitions each and every day, and continue to bless us in every way and anyway that You can. Please include healing of friends that are suffering or ill, and unity in this country and the world, that we may be more forgiving, loving and compassionate with each other and all living things. In Jesus name, Amen, Amen, Amen. I see the miracle already happening before my eyes. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

  4. Dear Holy Spirit I beg you to grant the grace of belief in the Catholic Church to all my adult baptized grandchildren who do not practice their faith. I beg for the advancement of the petitions of Our Lady of Fatima to change the evil of our world by Our Lady’s priest sons. I beg our Lady of America to not give up one on her sponsorship of the United States, but to guide new leaders that she chooses to guide us to be the country that she desires us to be.

  5. For my conversion and the conversion of my husband, sons, grandchildren and daughters-in-law. For peace in my family and that we adjust to the new normal and continue to love one another.

  6. Lord please hear our prayers as we are forever grateful. Thank you for today, and every day. With a heavy heart I seek your forgiveness for all my sins- as I am daily sinner and daily seek your forgiveness. Please lord keep all negative thoughts out of my mind, and let me live a peaceful life and continue to love myself for how I am. Please pray that I live my life as god has intended, as we all know he has a plan for everyone. Please pray that my family, friends, and I live a happy, healthy, and prosperous life. I also pray for wisdom, guidance, serenity, and protection to get me through the difficult times. Please pray there be peace in the world and people find themselves at peace so that we may avoid any heinous crimes from occurring. Please pray I have the strength and will power to remain concentrated and positive at work. Please lord grant me with the ability to find another secure and well paid job for my own sanity- my current job is very stressful with lots of politics involved. Please pray I be a better person and a better catholic. Please pray for my friend to remain positive and healthy after her divorce and for her to be able to meet her better half and remarry. Please pray for my nephew to remain healthy, peaceful, and happy. Please pray that my father find the ambition and motivation to find another job. Please pray my older sister that god touch her heart so that she can refrain from so much negativity. Also, pray for my younger sister to stop using drugs, and feed her mind and life with positive attributes so she can reflect on her son. That she may stabilize herself for the sake of her family. Please pray so that I can remain concentrated at school so that I may pursue my career in business. Please pray for all the needy, homeless, hungry, unemployed, all who are currently suffering of natural disasters, a loss of a loved one, and for all souls in purgatory. Please pray for my ex-bfs to remain with positive outlook of life, and god to guide them in the right path. Pray for my co-workers to refrain from harm, gossip, and unfairness to each other. Help me ease the problems with my home and family. Please pray for my friends daughter who is undergoing treatments for Leukemia. Please lord guide and protect them through this journey so they may have strength throughout the process. Thank you lord for your help with the sale of my home. I pray for you protection that I may feel safe in my new home and secure my home with your love. Please continue to guide me lord as I put all my trust in you, that I may make the right decisions during this time. Please pray for my friend to get the maturity and ease she needs from god to overcome the situation she is in so that she may live a better life. For god to grant her with peace of mind during her hardships. I pray that I may find the indicated person you have sent me lord to marry and build a family with. Lord I heavily seek your grace and love to allow me to continue to have employment. This I beg of thee, O’ Lord.

    I ask this in the name of the lord, Jesus Christ. Amen!

  7. Dear Lord please protect my family especially my son moses & mark Joannes in what ever they doing every day and please help me alsò give me strange to do my job,and pray also my workmate especially nancy indara give her heart humble and soft spoken to one another. ..I pray in jesus name who christ our Lord. ..AMEN

  8. My prayer today dear Lord is for Wisdom, Knowledge and understanding to complete my data analysis studies. Forgive me dear Lord of my sins. Bless my family and friends. Mary, Mother of God and Gate of Heaven, pray for me.

  9. that my grandson find a place of employment where he can b a blessisng and b blessed in return. and that his past wud not b a major roll in not findinng employment t, thank in advance for answered prayer,

  10. GOD THE FATHER THANK YOU for the blessings received.heal the sick, help the needy, all souls in purgatory, conversion of sinners forgive us the earthquake victims in italy Lord.bless my and my family wisdom strength, protection guidance and safety always.hope you grant my intentions Holy Mother that someone will provide my longing to see my 3 grandchildrens. Amen

  11. Please pray for my husband Kevin he is not well and the doctors aren’t helping. Please Jesus heal him and cure him of all his pain and ailments. I pray he is healthy and doesn’t not have cancer. Please help and heal him Lord Jesus.

  12. Lord, I continue to pray and beg you to please help my husband with his depression and guide him to start going to mass with me. I lift up to you my marriage because my husband’s depression is causing many problems and I beg you to please help me and give me the strength to deal with
    this situation. Thank you Lord, Amen!


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