Please comment below to leave your prayer request. As your request will be prayed for, please also pray for the petitions of others! Remember in your prayers, those in purgatory, all those suffering around the world, and for the intentions of the Pope! Lord, hear our prayer!

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  1. In thanksgiving for my daughter’s 14th birthday! May God bless her with His Grace always and may she always be attentive to Him!

  2. lord jesus sna po mtpos n problema ko s mga gmot risdin n green rivotril syclop xanor serenace akineton ziproc tolanz altrox lupilan akidin sna wg n po un gmulo s isip ko pls sna wla n bmulong kalain bakekang panget pg umiinom ako gmot umaga at gabi pls sna wg n tmambay s lbas cla gami aldrin chris kalbo pls sna tmhmk n pristina pls sna wg n kmi mgkailangan ni pyt pls sna wg n rn sya mglakwatsa sna umuwi n sya maaga plgi pls sna wg nko mlgsan ng ngipn kht kelan pls sna wg nko mhilo mtranta matense kht kelan pls sna wg nko guluhin ng taong nkkslmuha ko pls sna mgnda araw ko plgi pls sna mklipat nko trece ds yr pls sna ready nko sna mkbyd kmi monthly trece pls sna mgswa nmn kkalakwatsa cla pyt at manas pls tska nlng pls sna mtgl p mgpbkod c kalbo pls sna wg n rn sya mgitara labas nla pls sna wg n sya mgybng ng kotse nya pls sna mka di out ako pg umiinom ako gmot o vit aalis man o hndi pls sna mnalo star bkas pls sna mkmove on nko mgkwork mgka gf pls sna tmhmk n pristina pls sna ptwd po s lht ng kslanan ko tnx amen

  3. Please Lord Jesus, heal my legs, giving them renewed strength. Help my sister with her feet. Help my family with all their difficulties. Thank you for the blessings received. Amen

  4. Asking for prayers of healing for my husband, for understanding and strength to care for him for myself. Together, we pray for our children and grandchildren, that they will follow where Our Lord leads. Amen

  5. Saint Dymphna, praying for a person in need, who is emotionally unwell. Help her to get the help she needs, especially professional help, and help those around her to recognize her behavior for what it is- a cry for help. Help everyone who deals with her to be able to discern the best way to deal with her. Help me to keep my own sense of inner peace and to remember that though she lashes out at me, it is out of her own distress and unhappiness and has nothing to do with me. Help me to wish her well sincerely and detach myself from the stress of dealing with her behavior. Thank you Saint Dymphna and thank you Lord Jesus. Amen

  6. Lord, the most holy and most adored from up above… Help me with my daily struggles and with my teaching profession and even grant me a promotion… that I will finish my Thesis for my master’s degree before february 2017 ends.. that I will finish my master’s degree and march on my graduation day.. I pray that my loans will be paid off as soon as possible, I know it’s quiet big, but I trust your most humble way Lord… that my family will be stabilized as soon as possible before I enter to religious community… yes Lord, I help also my vocation… it’s been awhile that I ‘am away… now that I decided to come back, hear my prayers…grant my prayers… I know that I ignored all of it before and that led me to a miserable situation I am in right now… I will answer your call.. I will to live in it the rest of my life.. will offer all that I have for the greater glory of yours… Amen..

  7. Please pray for a dear friend and very young, who’s been recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes. Please pray for a miracle.

  8. Almighty God, Eternal Father, thank you for all the blessings and graces You have showered upon us. Thank you for the gift of life, for the gift of health, for the gift of family and friends, and most especially, for my wife and children. I pray for the intentions of the holy father, Pope Francis, for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, for all the bishops and the clergy, especially for all the priests in our parish. I pray for the healing and recovery of all those who are sick especially those in my family and those with cancer or AIDS. I pray for all the victims of calamities, of injustice, and wars, may they find comfort and hope in Your love. I pray for the salvation of all the holy souls in purgatory especially those who are nearest to heaven. I pray for financial assistance so that may be able to support my family and pay our debts and obligations. I pray that my daughter would be accepted at Manila Science High School. All these I ask through Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, in union with the Holy Spirit, and through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and with all the holy angels and saints in heaven, Amen.

  9. Praying for M to find a new home quickly and smoothly. Praying for her transition to be smooth and beneficial to her in the long run. Praying for her emotional growth and spiritual well-being. Praying for her to learn to regulate her emotions and behavior. Praying for her new home to be helpful and for her to find a good place very soon. Praying for our household and for the new person to work out well. May they be well chosen and peaceful to live with. Praying for everyone’s well-being and peace of mind. Praying for I family to spend a lot of time with us, and K as well. Amen


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