Please comment below to leave your prayer request. As your request will be prayed for, please also pray for the petitions of others! Remember in your prayers, those in purgatory, all those suffering around the world, and for the intentions of the Pope! Lord, hear our prayer!

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  1. I pray for cure of dev from illness and to be restored to good health. I pray for getting extension in service. Pray for peace in our country and in the world. I pray for health and healing for self family and near ones. Pray for our Holy Father all priests. I pray for gift of faith for dev and basu.

  2. I pray for Michael d and his cue and healing. I pray for the Holy Father and his intentions. I pray for peace and the safe return of our country to Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

  3. Please pray for my finances. I have some debts to pay this week. May God grant me the money directly, or give me the opportunity to earn it.

    Thank you so much. May God Bless You.

  4. Please, pray for me through my struggles. Also, pray for my friend’s dad who had a heart attack and Is in the ICU that he may have quick recovery.

  5. Heavenly Father I pray to be cancer free and return to good health. I ask for the Holy Spirit to calm my worries so that I may enjoy each day. Nothing is impossible with God!

  6. Requesting for prayers for my safe and normal delivery. Praying also for a healthy and normal baby. Praying for discernment for my husband who is being offered a better job opportunity. Praying also for stronger faith for my husband and myself and good health for us, our kids and all our loved ones. Praying for financial blessings as well and our businesses and work.

  7. Please pray for my daughter, that she gets a job soon, that she finds happiness in this country again. Please pray for all my family, friends, and the fellow petitioners on this site, that they too, find happiness, love, joy, and health. Thank you Jesus, for the blessings you granted me, even though I have a hard time noticing sometimes. Please include the souls in Purgatory in your prayers. Amen

  8. Lord God thank you for everything u have given to us,financial blessings,good health and harmonious relationship with my families, friend,relatives and loves ones. I hope and pray as usual that me and my husband can have a healthy normal baby this year. May u continue to bless us and that marawi crisis would end the soonest. Bless our city,country and the world peace bless also our president duterte to have sound mind and body always. And hoping by this month my brother dodong could go aboard. Thank you!

  9. I pray Lord for all those above and their prayer request. Every need they need lord grant themyour help. You are a good and loving God. Grant them the peace in waitufor your help. Give them many blessings. I pray for those in pergatory and I ask for the souls suffering to be realeaed and forging lord have mercy on their souls. I trust you in my life fathe in my finances. In giving my family peace. I pray that May every day I wake up and take up my cross and follow you and the my husband will take up his as well and follow you. Jesus if it is your will Grant my husband the news he is patiently waiting for. Give him peace of patience in his every day life to trust you with his request. Thank you Jesus for my husband thank you for my family. Help us Lord guide our children to you. Show us the love to give them. Thank you lord for this life and for many blessings we receive. Thank Lord for another day to pray and another day to be a wife and a mom. Praise be to you lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  10. Heavenly Father, please pray for the soul of my Mother Carmen, Father Victorino, Brother Nelson and other relatives who passed away already. Please always open the doors of heaven for them and guide them in your kingdom. I’m also praying for the requests and intentions of this community. Lord, hear our prayers. Bemy guide in all actions and plans and be my shepherd at all times. In Jesus name, Amen.

  11. lord jesus sna po mtpos n problema ko s mga gmot risdin n green rivotril syclop xanor serenace akineton ziproc tolanz altrox lupilan akidin abdin vit ni kuya emil pls sna wg n po un gmulo s isip ko pls sna wla n bmulong kalain bakekang panget pg umiinom ako gmot umaga at gabi pls sna wg n tmambay s lbas cla gami aldrin chris kalbo pls sna tmhmk n pristina pls sna wg n kmi mgkailangan ni pyt pls sna wg n rn sya mglakwatsa pls sna umuwi n sya maaga plgi pls sana wg nko mlgsan ng ngipin kht kelan pls sna wg nko mhilo mtrnta matense kht kelan pls sna wg nko guluhin ng taong nkkslmuha ko pls sana mgnda araw ko plgi pls sna mklipat nko trece mlpt n pls lord jesus sna ready nko sna mkbyd kmi monthly trece pls sna mgswa nmn kkalakwatsa cla pyt at manas pls tsaka nlng pg nklipat nko trece pls sana mtgl p mgpbkod c kalbo pls sana wg n rn sya mgitara lbas nla pls sna wg n rn sna sya mgybng kotse nya pls sna wg n rn sna sya tmambay lbas nla pls sna mka di out ako pg umiinom ako gmot o vit aalis man ako o hndi pls sna mgnda araw ko bkas pls sna mkmove on nko mgka gf pumogi pls sna ptwd po s lht ng kslanan ko tnx amen

  12. Pray for all of the people I met on my Mission this morning. Some asked me for prayers, and some may not have expressed the need. However, we all needs God’s presence and guidance.

  13. I sincerely and humbly ask for your prayers regarding my mother’s healing, both spiritually and physically. There is a growing tumor in her ovary and it is getting bigger. The doctor said she needs to be operated but we lack funds to pay for the medical expenses. The last check-up she had was two years ago. We have turned to prayer, in a desperate hope for a miracle. I am very anxious, and extremely saddened. I am still very young, and I heavily rely on my mother because my father left when I was merely two years old. Please, I ask for your prayers. I believe that with time and faith, my mother will heal. I believe that the Father hears and answers the prayers of His Children. No matter how long it will take, I will wait. I will not cease praying, and I will continue to ask for prayers.. Thank you and may God bless you..

  14. Dear God please heal that lady from her tumor, so her andcher daughter can havehealthy lives. She loves, and needs her mother. God I will try not to worry, and trust in you for my life. I am sorry I beg. I need help in my head, and heart. I love you God.

  15. My husband and I finally had every thing we needed in this world. But I did not have you in my heart the way I should have. I am heartly sorry for that God, please forgive me, and help me to have you in my heart the way I should. I love you God Thank you for hearing my prayers. Amen.

  16. Jesus I invite you in all areas of my life and my family’s life. I want to see more of you Jesus in my home, family, marriage, relationships, job, my child, my spouse, dad, and everything we have and possess. I ask for physical unity with my spouse. Please provide me with financial breakthrough. I am praying for that job father it is mine in your name. My son’s school is his in your name. Favor my family dear father. I am praying for my other petitions and other people’s petitions….Oh Lord hear us and pray for us. thank you, Amen

  17. Thank you Lord Jesus for hearing our prayer, thank you for all the gift u hv given to us. Keep on praying for free from debts and pray for financial providence for all who desperately needed n peace in mind,soul n family especiallay for alvilla vera

  18. Dearest Jesus thank you for taking care of me and all family members till today and for the remainder days, weeks, months and years which you alone know exactly. Praise you Jesus, Thank You Jesus and Glory to you Jesus!
    Now this is to request you to speed up my youngest daughter’s wedding which is still delayed though she has passed 28 years. Also she need to get a stable job. Please help us to find the right partner you have destined for her by your graciousness as well as her right job financial security. My sixth sister is undergoing a surgery for breast lump tomorrow and kindly heal and fully cure her with this operation. Self and wife have our old age illness of joint pains etc. and if you are pleased kindly heal us or give us the strength required to bear the pains for the salvation many souls and for those still suffering in purgatory.

  19. Dear Jesus I would like to pray to you for the people who had strokes, and there families. And the people who need prayers for all sick family members. To help them all to recover. For Bubba to be able to see. The girl who was raped. For everyone who needs prayers. The people in puritory who have been forgotten. For our military. For the poor. The hungry. The cold. For people with no clean water. All of us who treat people less, not even knowing we do. In the name of the Father, and the Son ,and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

  20. Please pray for me. I have a chance to enter med grad school on august 25 2017… though I dont have a very good score or rank or any kind of reservation that can guarantee me addmission, I need the LORD’s grace with me or atleast help me overcome my stress and negativity and work hard for the next attempt. Please pray for my brother, he works in research deparment and he is giving his best against the odds. Also please pray for us both, as me and brother are dealing with weight issue and I have a thyroid disorder which makes me put on weight. And please most importantly…My mom and dad. The four of us (Mom, Dad, Brother and me) are abandoned by family and have only Jesus as our everything.
    Lastly I pray that everyone who posted their prayer be healed of their ailments and worries and their prayers are fulfilled.
    And I pray in Thanksgiving that Jesus helps me walk through everyday.

  21. Thank you Lord, for helping my husband with his depression. He has been doing much better and is dealing with the loss of his mother. I pray that he starts going to church with me. I lift up to you our marriage. Amen!

  22. Lord, please heal my uncle Vince of his cancer. I pray that You will forgive him of all his sins and have mercy on him. God, draw him close to you and heal him. All according to Your will and glory. Just say the word and he will be healed. Amen.

  23. Most Sweet Jesus, May my household always have the way & means to support this house & property & each other, we age & part one from the other. May we stop all useless & selfish spending that we never waste or squander what You have given us. & may You grant us the Grace to always be charitable & generous. In the Divine Will through the Flame of Love I plead, Amen.


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