Please comment below to leave your prayer request. As your request will be prayed for, please also pray for the petitions of others! Remember in your prayers, those in purgatory, all those suffering around the world, and for the intentions of the Pope! Lord, hear our prayer!

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  1. We need prayers for Montana and Wyoming! May God help put out all the fires destroying land and homes. Please keep our Fire Fighters, Ranch Families and livestock safe!

  2. Heavenly King, blessed are You on this new day. You gave me life, health, care, love and peace and i am so grateful for that. Father i ask for forgiveness of my sins that are so gravious. Lord of lords have pity on me, and be by my side always and woth my family and friends. My wishes, aspirations, fears, worries are in front of You therefore i beg You to see through me. Jesus please always be by me and care for me in all aspects. Teach me love that i may always share it in everywhere. Our Lady of Fatima, intercede for me in Heaven. Through Christ our Lord

  3. Lord, thank you for another day. Thank you for the graces. Thank you for the gift of life. Thank you for the love. Thank you for the families. Thank you, Lord.

    Lord, I know You know how confused and scared I am right now. I know You know how lost I feel these past days. I am asking for Your enlightenment. Please guide me in my decisions so that I do things according to Your will. Please help me overcome what I am going through.

    Lord, I pray for my family: Alaric and Chloe. I pray for Yaya Mylene. I pray for Yuan and Jeco. I pray for my parents. I pray for my siblings and their families. I pray for my in-laws. I pray for Mindy, Ms. Josette, Ms. Tippy, and the other HR in UA&P. I pray for Dr. Rina, Dr. Tonton, and Dr. Riza. I pray for other people who are also sad and troubled. I pray for the Holy Father. I pray for our government officials. I pray for love and peace.

    Lord, I also pray for my interviews today. But I submit to Your will for me and in this world. Your will be done, Lord.

    I ask the intercession of Our Mother. Amen.

  4. I pray for cure of dev from illness and to be restored to good health. I pray for getting extension in service. Pray for good health for self family and near ones. Pray for peace in our country and in the world. I pray for gift of faith for dev and basu. Pray for our Holy Father and all priests.

  5. Im asking for prayer for all the hurt, sick, poverty stricken people in my community! Im asking for prayer to be delivered from my enemies. Im praying that all the positive and clean hearted people in my community be strengthened, renewed in spirit, and encouraged. Lord hear my prayers!

  6. Heavenly Father I pray to beat cancer. I pray that the new spots on my liver are benign. Send me hope and peace. Nothing is impossible with God!

  7. Heavenly Father, thank you for all the graces and life events I have been through. I would like to raise prayers for my brother Fouad. He is going through health issues and at the same time starting a new job. Please give him patience and perseverance and strength ion order to support his family.
    I would also like to raise prayers for my nephew Mario and his exams. It was a hard year for him.
    Thank you Lord for all that comes our way

  8. Dear God I am so bewildered I don’t know if anything I do is right. I admit I am scared, and I know if I let You run my life it will be right. I am sorry Lord. I need Jesus in my heart. I have made a mess of my whole life, the only think I ever did right was having my children. I need to pray for people that really need. Food,and drink, clothes. A place to live. Faith in Jesus. Our Pope needs prays, our president, our world leaders. Our children, our children really need help in this world today. All the people I said would help God I would like to help for real. I am sorry I Wanted to leave this world, that is not for me to decide. Only You God. Please forgive me. These people here are nice. Thank You that we have a place to live. I love You God the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

  9. Is it the right thing for us to go tomorrow to look at this apt. God? I don’t want to make anymore mistakes in Angels behalf. He’s needs are most important to me. I love him, and want it to be right for him, Dear God. Can you let us know. Thank You for all of Your Blessings You have bestowed on us Dear God. Amen.


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