Please comment below to leave your prayer request. As your request will be prayed for, please also pray for the petitions of others! Remember in your prayers, those in purgatory, all those suffering around the world, and for the intentions of the Pope! Lord, hear our prayer!

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  1. Oh heavenly Jesus, through Mother Mary, my husband Gasen needs help. He is addicted to alcohol. Please pray for him to leave this addiction which is destroying our lives. Lord graciously hear my prayers and make him strong. I pray for the holy spirit to fill his life & be devoted to our Lord. Lord for all that are in pain &
    suffering, help each and every one today. Please protect our children from the dangers & evil visible and invisible. Lord graciously hear my prayers.

  2. Prayer for all your children to receive peace, love and strength. Please Jesus guide us towards your ways, AMEN.

  3. Prayers for our family, for physical and spiritual healing and all doubts and things that can separate us from each other and our Heavenly Father to be healed and changed for the glory of His name. Amen ??❤

  4. I pray that my marriage maybe better and more lively, I Patsy that God may help us to continue being faithful to each other in mind , body and soul, may he bless us to raise the children we have with love and the daily bread. Amen

  5. I pray for gainful employment. I have been unemployed for 6 months. Heavenly Father, I pray that give me the resources to provide for my family, amen.

  6. My daughter has a surgery coming up July 12. It is to remove a tumor on her leg, please pray for her, that the Lord’s will be done ( hopefully for successful surgery, with easy recovery and minimal pain).

  7. Please God praying and asking you to help my brothers in their lives, to find a job that will help provide for their families, for the pain one of them is feeling. Please help us all with our pain in our bones, it’s a family thing that we suffer from. Grateful and thankful everyday for your blessings in my marriage and my 3 children’s marriages, and for our 6 grandchildren, in your name I pray.

  8. I pray for my neice health who sometimes has a little seizure that it won’t get worse. Healing also of my brother who has hep c, and stone in kidney , gallbladder and has spleen cyst. Good health of my love ones and family and financial , needs , health assurance . I pray for the Philippines for the safety of the people and the president.

  9. Lord please give complete healing to my sister Marissa; my nephew Gerard; and mother Mary, please covér us with your loving mantle especially my niece Maria Socorro..

  10. I pray for for those who I have heard in there prayer petitions today Lord I lift them up to you, help them in their every individual need that they have come to ask you on this new day. Give each and every need the tender love and care that only you can give and protect each and every family. I am so thankful for another day to pray. I am thankful for my family and the many blessings we receive from you help us to always be thankful and to use the life we are given to love and help others in the way you have made possible for us. Bless you Jesus for forgiveness of my sins and help me to have a mind that is only thinking of good thoughts. Let us be reminded in our thoughts, words we say, and actions we make; that it will be pleasing to you. Please hear my prayer for my husband that he may receive the news he is waiting for. Let him hear this news this week, Lord if willing. I trust you Jesus. Mary please pray these prayers for me and send them up to your son, our Lord. Thank you for your prayers. I also send up my prayers to those who have lost faith in you Jesus. Those who have turned away from your ways and who have been discouraged in this worldly life. Send someone to each person who has fallin asleep spiritually that they may find new hope and belief in You Jesus. Those who are in purgatory, may they be lifted up to the heavens and be forgiven for their sins. Let them live in eternal peace. I love you my Jesus. I love you Mother Mary. Amen

  11. I pray for cure of dev from illness and to be restored to good health. I pray for getting extension in service. Pray for good health for self family and near ones. Pray for peace in our country and in the world. I pray for our Holy Father all priests. I pray for gift of faith for dev and basu.

  12. Dear St. Jude I lift up everyone who is suffering from Cancer. Those who are undergoing the test and will be just told – for those who have it and don’t have the means to find out or get help / medication. We have a Mighty God I ask for this dreadful disease to perish from the face of the earth …Amen.

  13. Eternal Father, i thank You for the gift of today. Lord i didn’t to deserve to make it but just because You are full of love and tenderness. I believe in Your Might. Lord forgive my sins and wrongs, i know You can wash away all my faults and renew me. Jesus, have pity on me and let Your blood cleanse me. I now ask for Your miraculous aid. You are aware of my needs, wishes, worries, insecurities, aspirations, and thus need You. Nothing is impossible to You. Mother Mary, mother of Heaven and Earth and Queen of humankind, hear my prayee and graciously hand them over to your Son. I love You

  14. lord jesus sna po mtpos n problema ko s mga gmot risdin n green rivotril syclop xanor serenace akineton ziproc tolanz altrox lupilan akidin abdin vit ni kuya emil pls sna wg n po un gmulo s isip ko pls sna wala n bmulong kalain bakekang panget pg umiinom ako gmot umaga at gabi pls sna wg n tmambay s lbas cla gami aldrin chris kalbo pls sna tmhmk n pristina pls sna wg n kmi mgkailangan ni pyt pls sna wg n rn sna sya mglakwatsa pls sna umuwi n sya maaga plgi pls sna wg nko mlgsan ng ngipin pls sna wg nko mhilo mtrnta matense kht kelan pls sana wg nko guluhin ng taong nkkslmuha ko pls sna mgnda araw ko plgi pls sna mklipat nko trece pls sana ready nko sna mkbyd kmi monthly trece pls sna mgswa nmn kkalakwatsa cla pyt at manas pls tsaka nlng pg nsa trece nko pls sana mtgl p mgpbkod c kalbo pls sna wg n rn sya mgitara lbas nla pls sna wg n rn sya mgybng kotse nya pls sana wg n rn sya tmambay lbas nla pls sna mka di out ako bkas pg inom ko gmot o vit pls sna mkcmba kmi quiapo pls bkas sna gmit fortuner pls sna mtgl p alis ni kuya emil pls sna mkmove on nko pumogi mgka gf mkpgwork wg n mtkot s tao sna pwd nko mgplit gmot sna mgnda araw ko bkas pls sana tmhmk n pristina pls sna ptwd po s lht ng kslanan ko tnx amen

  15. Daer God thank you for helping this morning with the bank work. Please help me,and Angel to work on ours. And get it right. Please let those people say I can move there with my husband. And please let these people say I can get out of the lease for my health. Please God let this be the best for Angel and I. We love each other very much. Please God. For us. We love you God the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. I am not sorry I want to be with you God, I will be a better Catholic. I love you. Amen.

  16. Sweet Jesus please heel my sisters, and I from phy, and mental health. Everyone in this world. The forgotten in purgatory. The hungry. The people fighting war, even in our streets against each other. Blessed Jesus please bring peace to us all. I love you Jesus. Amen.

  17. Thank you Lord Jesus, blessed be your Holy name. Please grant us all our heart desires and never let thy spirit depart from us amen. Mater Dei ora pro nobis

  18. Thank you Lord, for helping my husband with his depression. He has been dealing with the loss of his mother, dealing with the fact that we now have an empty nest @ home and that he’s going to retire. I pray that he starts going to church with me and I lift up to you Lord, our marriage. Amen!

  19. Please pray that my daughter finds a job soon. Please guide her heart to forgive me for the way I raised her, for the mistakes I made and the mean way I treated her, I God;s name , Amen.

  20. Daer God thank you for my sweet sister, and my sweet granddaughter Espy, she is good. She has been through so much. Please have the lady call. Thank you God for being with me, and my husband. Amen.

  21. Please Lord get through the next few weeks ahead of me. I’m at the end of detox from meditation assisted recovery. Please keep my mind positive and the pain in my body tolerable. Lord hear my prayers.

  22. Dear lord forgive me for all my faults, thank you for all your blessings to my family,lord hihingi na naman ako ng favor, bigyan mo ako ng swerte lord please, gsto kong makatulong sa mga kapos palad, lord continue protect my childrens from all danger,my son in maguindano guide him lord where ever he go and also my police son here in manila,ikaw ang bahala sa kaligtasan nya sa araw araw na duty nya lord, i pray also for the soul of my parents Maria and Cirilo and my son michael,forgive thier sins o lord, and also for all the forgoten souls in porgatory,forgive thier sins lord, i pray all of these in Jesus name amen

  23. Dear God thank you for the call. Please do not give up on me, I want to do good in this world with prays for others. To be a good wife. Most of all a good child to Jesus. Bless my family. Bless all who are in pain, that little boy who was bunt with fireworks. Please watch over my children, all children. Prayers for the forgotten in puritory. The military. The Preident to make good decisions for us all. For Yolanda for taking care of her Dad. Please may Angel, and I be finally stable. I love him very much, I did not realize. Please help my daughters to help us. Thank you God for all of our Blessings you have bestoled on us all in this world. In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

  24. I ask of our Heavenly Father to heal my friend James who is critical from being in a gas explosion. He is a foreign country. Please God heal him with the surgery he needs. I ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen


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