Please comment below to leave your prayer request. As your request will be prayed for, please also pray for the petitions of others! Remember in your prayers, those in purgatory, all those suffering around the world, and for the intentions of the Pope! Lord, hear our prayer!

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  1. Heart of Jesus, victim for our sins, have mercy on us.
    Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.
    Saints John the Baptist, Elizabeth, Augustine, Andrew, and all holy OT prophets, pray for us.
    For; faith, hope, charity, life, truth, peace.
    For increased; purity, modesty, chastity, celibacy, obedience, voluntary poverty with fasting and prayer/penance/repentance for offences against the most Sacred Heart of Jesus.
    For decreased; famine, plagues, infectious diseases, war.
    Let us look to Sweden for peace about covid-19 since they faced it head on and are done with it. Bless Dr. Joel Hay for his relentless courage with prudence. Forgive political agendas and deceptive medical practises contrary to morality and ethics. Let all mankind be finally free of fear. Amen.
    Blessed be the Name of Jesus.
    Blessed be the name of Mary, Virgin and Mother.
    Blessed be Saint Joseph, her most chaste spouse.

  2. Thank you Father for today’s blessings, I worship you Lord for everything. Thank you Jesus, thank you Virgin Mary, thank you Holyspirit amen. Mater Dei Ora pro nobis


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