Please comment below to leave your prayer request. As your request will be prayed for, please also pray for the petitions of others! Remember in your prayers, those in purgatory, all those suffering around the world, and for the intentions of the Pope! Lord, hear our prayer!

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  1. Dear Lord, hear our prayers. Almighty Father, Lord Jesus, Blessed Virgin Mary, Holy Spirit and all the Saints that watch over us, please pray for me and my family, stand by us, protect us and keep us safe. I humbly beg of You, please, grant me the one Miracle that I pray for in my prayers, and petitions, spoken and unspoken, each and every day. Continue to help us in every way and anyway that You can. Please find it in your hearts to pray for all the petitioners on this wonderful site. In Your names I ask these things. Thank You for prayers answered even those prayers that are unspoken. Amen, amen.

  2. LORD THANK YOU FOR ANSWERED PRAYERS. Again thank you for my life today.bless me and my daughter’s family wisdom divine strenghth protection guidance and the needy the souls in purgatory conversion of sinners forgive us all.all soldiers serving their country help and protect them Lord Jesus. Provide my family financial blessings that somene will shoulder my plane ticket.praying for world peace. Amen

  3. Dear community please join me in thanking God for hearkening to your intercessions on behalf of me and my household during the critical time of our needs. I offer my prayers of mercy, protection and care to God on behalf of all refugees all over the world and all doctors and missionaries without border.Join me in praying for the souls of the 4 reverend sisters killed in Yemen and all the faceless martyrs giving up their lives for spreading of the gospel.

  4. Heavenly Father, please hear and grant my prayers, this I ask through the mighty name of Jesus, the Blessed Mother Mary and the Holy Spirit……..AMEN.

  5. Please pray for my husband. He is so unhappy at his work, he is stretched to his limit and has never been good at dealing with stress. He needs prayers to bring him calm, peace, and a willingness to help himself.

  6. My request for the month of September o God is that,i want to testify your goodness in my life and let your presence overshadowed me nd where ever I have been rejected before let mi be accepted, favored nd loved from nw onward in Jesus name asks.Amen

  7. First of all, I would like to give thanks and praise for all the blessings in my life, especially all the people that are in my life right now. I thank you, Lord!
    Please pray for a friend of mine (Rob) who is having problem with his health. He is having some sort of problem with his heart and also his foot. The pain in his foot along with the worries are keeping him up at night. May God be with him as he go through this difficult time. Through this experience, may it help him to strengthen his faith.
    Please also pray for peace: in the world, our country, in my family, and in my heart.
    Please pray for all those who are facing difficulties in their lives, especially for my friend Jeff. Whatever difficulties/challenges they are facing. May bitterness and negativity not reign their hearts, but rather true peace.
    Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints, may I be able to find a full time and stable job.
    May I have the courage to get over my fear of driving. Please Lord, please give me the strength and wisdom in learning how to drive. Thank you, Lord.
    Please Lord watch over those who are affected by wars and natural disasters (floodings, earthquakes, fires, and so forth). Please watch over them and protect them. Amen.

  8. lord i want to continue to thaaaank u for all the blessings my family have already received and will contine to receive because of your love and compassion. praaise and honor and glory to u today and always.i ask this in JESUS,S NAME AMEN.AMEN AND AMEN.

  9. For my oldest grandson who just took a spill on his bike. We pray that he heals quickly so he is ready for his first day of high school next week.

  10. Lord, I continue to pray and beg you to please help and heal my husband from his depression condition. I lift up to you my marriage and pray that my children will return to church and my husband will start going to mass. I thank you Lord, for always helping my family. Amen!

  11. Dear God, I need a wife. I don’t want to be sitting alone in the Church anymore while others are there with their families Praising and Worshipping together. Join me with V. J, I feel comfortable when we are together and I so desire to be with her as one. If you approval of it O! Lord, Amen


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