A very beautiful Gregorian Chant – Panis Angelicus (tr. The Bread of Angels or Angelic Bread) from “Anthology: Chants and Polyphony” by the Norbertine Fathers of St. Michael’s Abbey.

“The Bread of Angels” – this is often used as a Benediction hymn, for obvious reasons. It directs us to contemplate the great mystery of becoming one with Jesus Himself whenever we receive Him. God Himself becomes our nourishment! It then proceeds to ask Jesus for the grace to save our souls, so that we can join the citizens of Heaven, seeing Him forever in “the light in which Thou dwellest”.

This is taken from “Sacris Solemniis”, written by St. Thomas Aquinas before the year 1274. It is the Matins hymn for Corpus Christi, the great feast of the Body of Christ when the Church turns our attention to the great Gift of the Eucharist. Jesus gave us this precious Gift of Himself so that He might always be with us.

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Panis Angelicus

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