Lent is a wonderful time for growing close to our Lord through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.  Over the course of the 40 Days, we have the opportunity to focus on living our life as Jesus wants us to live.  

Every day there will be opportunities to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Him.

It is through this continuous denying, taking, and following that we will ultimately follow Him into eternal life.  

If we repeatedly do this day in and day out we will not only suffer with Him, and die with Him, but rise with Him until the point where we become His living saints on earth.  (Colossians 1:24)

Right now at this present moment, there is some way we are being called to deny ourselves.  What are you called to deny yourself?

Right now at this present moment, we are called to take up our cross.  What is the cross that you are being called to take up?

Right now, at this present moment, we are called to follow Him.  Where are you being called to follow Him?

Sometimes we think that when we have done each of these once that we are finished but it takes a lifetime of daily denying ourselves, taking up our cross, and following Him that we will live our lives in His image.  

Deny, take up, and follow.  Deny, take up, and follow. Deny, take up and follow.  

This becomes a way of life for us.  God gives us plenty of opportunities.  

At this present moment pray for the grace to deny, take up, and follow Him all the way to eternal life.


Fr. Michael Denk is an Aspirant of the Institute of Voluntas Dei.  During this time of discerning Consecrate Life, Fr. Michael will be focusing on the mission of The Prodigal Father, which is to inspire, introduce and guide people in a deep and authentic life of prayer, leading them to an intimate, mystical and personal relationship with God their Father, in and through Jesus Christ and the working of the Holy Spirit. He a national author of Pray40Days: The Personal Relationship With God You Have Always Wanted, The Examen Prayer, and PrayingWithMass.  You can access these resources as well as his weekly homilies at TheProdigalFather.org

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