There is nothing worse than someone making a promise to you that they can’t keep. From the promises that God made to Abraham to the peace and understanding the Lord bestows on Joseph’s heart when he discovers Mary’s pregnancy – I know that God will keep every promise and even over deliver in ways beyond our imagination.

The theme that hits my heart the hardest in today’s readings is that of these promises kept. I know in my own life there have been multiple times where I felt utterly destitute and deprived of what I thought I deserved in life. I remember spending time in my parish Adoration chapel just crying and begging God to heal my broken heart and grant me my greatest desires. I was so lost and confused as to why He was holding out on me. That was until I was set up on a blind date with a close friends brother. I was so incredibly nervous the day we were set to meet, and utterly terrified that this would end in yet another bad first date experience.

I cannot believe the ways that God has blessed me with this man, providing many things my heart desired and even more. I recently spent time in Adoration reflecting on my prayer journey. I am astounded at the ways God has heard the cry of my heart in the gift of this relationship being put into my life. If I were to put myself in the shoes of Abraham or Joseph in these readings, I can only imagine the ways that they prayed to have children in their lives. The deepest desires of their hearts were heard by God. They didn’t necessarily play out the way one would have thought, but you can see the beautiful blessings that God bestowed on them throughout their respective journeys.

God does hear the cry of our hearts. He does want to grant us the very promises that He placed within us at our time of conception. He wants to love us and lavish gifts beyond our heart’s desire on us – we simply have to trust in His timing and His plan. Even when life might feel as hopeless as a one-hundred-year-old man praying for a son or a carpenter who is betrothed to a girl who is already pregnant, remember God never forgets His promises.

Kate Fraser discovered her passion for working with high school and middle school teens in 2013. She currently works as a Life Teen and EDGE Youth Minister. When she isn’t spending time falling in love with Christ, going for a run, traveling to new places, or hanging out with teens, she can be found shoving her face with copious amounts of tacos and guacamole. She also loves to spend time with her five nephews and three nieces, as well as the rest of her family.

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