Ever since the “fall” sin has been with us and will continue to be with us.  We fall into sin and respond to the call of Satan when we choose to go away from the will of the Father and give way to our selfish desires.  There are times in our lives when we might feel as if God has abandoned us. Our prayers seem to go unheard, and we experience hardships that seem unwarranted.  As a result, we create our own gods. We become slaves to money and try to buy our way into a world of happiness. We become dependent on material things to fill the void that can only be filled by God.

The Israelites had soon forgotten the love and works of God in their lives, as did our first parents, Adam and Eve.  Once free from the bonds of slavery they felt the freedom to indulge in the wiles of the world, as men still do this very day.  God made known his displeasure and shared with Moses his intent to wipe them from the face of the earth. However, through the pleading of Moses God has a change of heart and decided to spare his people.

We would do good to note the power of prayer, as we are challenged on a daily basis to leave the very love of God to pursue the wickedness of the world, disguised in what we perceive to be good.  He desires to be intimately involved in every aspect of our lives, and we should trust the plans that He has for us. It is the petitions made through our prayers that our loving Father hears our cry and is there to rescue and receive us.

Greg and Julie Alexander are Marriage Disciples, authors, and Co-Founders of The Alexander House Apostolate.  They create programs and services that bring hope and healing to marriages and relationships.

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  1. So timely! Your message “disguised in what we perceive to be good” seems to be exactly the root of our social issues today. Thank you for sharing.


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