It’s easy to lay down palms and sing songs of praise when the road ahead is full of promise.

As Jesus enters Jerusalem, the people presume He will fulfill their dreams of a conquering King. By the end of the readings today, we find our Lord crucified and mocked with a note saying, “This is the King of the Jews.” What happened? Surely the expectations of a military Messiah were confounded by the reality of Christ as a suffering Servant.

The past year in the Church has challenged me and many Catholics to praise Christ amidst much grief. The Body of Christ is bearing the sins of so many of her shepherds who acted as wolves. Sometimes it looks like all is lost; the Church’s beauty, truth, and goodness are called into question by the world.

Yet Christ is still King, and He has come to ransom His Bride amidst the worst brutality. As we enter into the mysteries of Holy Week, let us seek to praise Christ as King even when the road ahead appears full of peril.

Perhaps our marriage, family, job, or something else in our lives feels like it is falling apart. Place your fears at the feet of Jesus, who alone is our King who can save us through His terrible suffering and glorious Resurrection.

John Roselle III served for half a dozen years as a high school Theology teacher and now runs a company that specializes in inspiring Catholic gifts, which you can check out at He is married to a youth minister named Kelly and has a five month old son, whom they call “Little John.”



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