We open up our bibles, we open up today’s devotion, we open up our windows… and grace floods in.

We open ourselves up to the Sacraments, to spiritual reading, to Truth spoken to us from a dear friend… and grace pours in.

We let in the light, and the darkness flees.

But the moment we disarm ourselves, the moment we let our guards down, the moment we let evil have its say… is the moment we step away from Truth. It is the moment we choose to let the darkness creep back in.

So we look back at this moment, in the desert, with Jesus and the devil.

Just as Jesus shields himself there with the Truths and Words of the Father, so must we shield ourselves from the devil with the gifts our Faith has given us to do so: the Sacraments, the Word of God, the Holy Mass, the body of Christ in community who uplifts us and speaks life into our beings.

We must shield ourselves from the dangers and the evils of this world, just as our Greatest Teacher showed us. In His incredible humanity, He showed us exactly what to do: stay awake, stay the course, know the truths of our Faith, and arm ourselves to speak and fight against the evils of this world.

Then the grace that is overflowing and pouring into our lives will have no way to be held back… it will pour out from US, just as it did from Jesus in the desert. We will become an outpouring of love and grace and light in the world… and the darkness must flee.

The devil had no chance, attempting to stand up to Jesus, and he will have no chance against us. We have sacramental grace, we have truths that never sway, we have infinite love in our corner… every single day.

Jenna Guizar is the Founder and Creative Director of Blessed is She, a women’s ministry + community. She is a wife and mother to four beautiful daughters with one in Heaven.


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