As we approach the end of our Lenten journey, let’s take a moment to reflect back to Ash Wednesday and thank God for the gift of that beautiful day.  We don’t often see “beautiful” and Ash Wednesday in the same sentence or spoken in the same breath. However, anything that stops us in the tracks of our busyness to examine our lives is beautiful.  

It is through the lens of a well-examined life – examining daily our thoughts, actions, and words – that we should reflect upon today’s Gospel.  I can’t imagine that Judas just fell into betraying Jesus on the day he accepted the 30 pieces of silver. It began much earlier. In my life, and probably Judas’s life as well, it is when I fail to examine my day to day activities to see what might be keeping me from living a God-centered life that things start going awry.

Lord, please give me the courage to pray every day for the Holy Spirit to enlighten my mind and awaken my heart to the times I betray Jesus.  What is my “30 pieces of silver” that I choose instead of choosing Jesus? Do the thoughts in my head, the words that come out of my mouth and the everyday actions I engage in honor or betray Jesus?  These are tough questions to ask but they are questions that will hopefully encourage us to run to Jesus for mercy instead of running away from Jesus in betrayal.

Jesus is thirsty for you and me today.  In each of us, resides the potential to betray Jesus as we exercise the gift of our free will.  When we fall and sin, let’s get up and quench the thirst of Jesus by giving Him our sins and accepting the gift of His mercy.

May God bless you…abundantly!

Rob Longo has a deep love and passion for his faith and his family! After 17 years of serving in various sales, marketing and leadership roles in large, mid-size and start-up organizations within the healthcare industry, Rob had the great pleasure of co-founding Stewardship: A Mission of Faith in March of 2010 and serves as its President and board Secretary. Rob and his wife Megan have been blessed with five children. He enjoys coaching and playing soccer or any other sport or game his kids ask him to play. He also enjoys reading books and listening to talks that inspire him to live out his purpose… to know, love and serve God.



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