When Lent Is Hard…Here’s What You Need


Director and producer, Rob Kaczmark has found his talent taking him to places once thought inconceivable.  With over ten years of experience covering various film concentrations, his work has been featured across multiple mediums — the big screen, television, and internet video platforms. As a self-taught filmmaker, Rob recognized the effectiveness made possible by the visual arts to spread the Gospel and shortly thereafter co-founded Spirit Juice Studios.  Through personal conviction and perseverance, Rob has guided the business from its most humble beginnings into an internationally-recognized, award-winning media production center. Rob Kaczmark is a native of Chicago, a lifelong Catholic, and blessed by his wife and two sons.

About Spirit Juice Studios

Headquartered in Chicago, Spirit Juice Studios is an Emmy-winning production firm specializing in the transformative power of film and the visual arts.  Through the collaborative efforts of both team members and leaders within the spiritual community, Spirit Juice Studios delivers the Gospel through a confluence of principled aesthetic standards and innovative components within the modern digital film industry. The associates within Spirit Juice Studios are passionate not only in the progression of their creative output but moreover the depth of their faith, together forming the quintessential representation of Catholic values to advance the mission of the Church today.


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