“The Lord is kind and merciful.” These words from today’s Psalm have brought joy and consolation to my soul many, many times. Throughout my life, kindness has always lifted my soul in the most unexpected ways. Just when I’m feeling hopeless about a situation, hurt by someone I love deeply, or confused by the Lord’s will, a small act of kindness lifts me up out of the pit

And where would any of us be apart from mercy? It is God’s love for us beyond what we deserve. Thanks to the Jubilee Year announced by Pope Francis many months ago, I have been meditating on mercy more than ever. For so long, I thought that true progress in the spiritual life was something akin to perfectionism. However, it is much more about how deeply we trust in God’s mercy and how quickly we run back to the Sacraments after every fall.

If you are anything like me, Lent can be a difficult time. Confronted with our unworthiness and brokenness, it is easy to lose patience with ourselves, others, and with God. How could I really still be struggling with this same sin after all these years? Could the Lord really love me in this place of struggle and unfaithfulness? In the words of Pope Francis, it is not God who ever tires of offering us His mercy. It is simply us who tire of asking for it.

As the founder of Love Good Music, I am always amazed when a songwriter can capture this reality of mercy, even in the most subtle of ways. Go check out our YouTube channel today and enjoy the latest song/music video from Alanna-Marie Boudreau called “Simon (Petros)”:

It’ll change your understanding of mercy forever!

Jimmy Mitchell is the Founder of Love Good Music, a platform for musicians who aspire to the good, the true and the beautiful. Check them out at lovegoodmusic.com.


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  1. Lord help me to show mercy as YOU have shown me, it is very difficult to realize my own failure. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART MIND BODY AND SOUL, I AM NOT WORTHY THAT YOU SHOULD HEAR MY CRY. HAVE MERCY ON ME O LORD JESUS! AMEN


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