The miracle that takes place in today’s Gospel reading is a powerful reminder that Jesus can heal us with just a single word. Though the royal official urged Jesus to come to his home and heal his son, Jesus shows us that He is not bound by distance or time. His word alone is great enough to restore life to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

If we really believe this, we will come to the Lord daily and ask for Him to heal us with His word. We will make our pleadings known to Him.

But will we have the faith to respond with the same obedience as the royal official if God does not answer our prayers in the way we think He should? Notice that though this man has traveled many miles to see Jesus, he does not question the instructions that Jesus gives him. He has complete trust in the Word of God, faith that Jesus will do exactly what He said He would do, though it looks drastically different from his own plan.

We must pray for that type of faith today; the type of faith that knows the healing power of the Lord and responds to Him with a heart of obedience, no matter the outcome of our prayer. We may not always visibly see the signs and miracles He is working in the world, but we must have the faith to believe that they are happening all around us at every moment of the day.

Jesus, I pray that I would love You not because of what You do for me, but for who You are. I ask that you would increase my faith and trust in Your holy plan for my life. Help me respond to you with heartfelt obedience to Your will. Lord, help me to know that you only need to say the word and my soul shall be healed.

Becky Roach is an editor and author at Catholic-Link seeks to be an innovative resource for those that are spreading the Gospel, especially those who work with youth, by providing inspiring daily articles, online conferences, videos, creative social media content, and much more.

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