Earlier this week, four members of the Swiss Guard tested positive for coronavirus following a meeting with Pope Francis.

Yesterday, seven more tested positive as well. In an official statement, the Pontifical Swiss Guard announced that the most recent round of testing brought “the total number of patients identified to eleven.”

“The isolation of positive cases was immediately arranged and further checks are being carried out.”

The statement said all 135 members of the Guard would adhere to the stricter guidelines recently issued by the Vatican earlier this month and seek to minimize the spread of coronavirus where member’s serve.

“In the meantime, in addition to the provisions of the Governorate of the City State of Vatican to contain the COVID19 infection, the most useful measures have been adopted, also in terms of planning the services of the Guards, to exclude any risk of contagion in the places where the Pontifical Swiss Guard serves.”

They concluded their statement saying they would “communicate further developments on the situation in the coming days.”

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