According to a report by ABC News, the FBI has foiled a planned “ISIS-Inspired” attack on Pope Francis during his visit to the United States next week and have arrested a 15-year old boy in the Philadelphia area.

According to the ABC Report:
“The minor was inspired by [ISIS] and sought to conduct a detailed homeland attack which included multiple attackers, firearms, and multiple explosives, targeting a foreign dignitary at a high-profile event,” according to a joint intelligence bulletin by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued to law enforcement across the country on Aug 14.

The boy has been charged with attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization and attempting to provide material support to terrorist activity, the bulletin added.

But sources familiar with the case emphasized that any threat from him was not imminent, and that the boy’s plans were “aspirational.” Additionally, the sources said, there are questions about the boy’s mental health.

In addition, despite repeated threats from ISIS and other groups to target the Pope and the Vatican more broadly over the past year, there is no specific, credible threat to the Pope during his visit to the United States next week, law enforcement officials said Monday.

“The FBI is working closely with the United States Secret Service and our federal, state and local partners in advance of the papal visit to ensure the safety and security of all,” a spokeswoman for the FBI’s field office in Philadelphia said in a statement. She would not comment on any specific cases or threats.

Please pray for the safety of the Supreme Pontiff during his trip to the United States of America and for all he makes during his Pontificate.

Heavenly Father, be pleased to bless and protect our Holy Father, Pope Francis, whom you have chosen as the successor of St. Peter as the chief minister of unity and charity in the Church. Keep him safe in holiness of life and in wise fulfillment of his awesome responsibilities. We ask this through Christ, our Lord.

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  1. Unlikely to have been ISIS, far more likely to have been the right wing Catholic who have been foaming at the mouth and spewing hatred at the pope for the last two years. Whatever it was, thank G-d they’re alert. Praying for his safety – long may he shepherd us and show us how to live the Christian life; he is the most incredible, precious gift from G-d.

    • lol you’re clearly the one driven by the hatred and fear you hunt for in everyone else. hence, why you wax paranoid in reply to an article that has nothing to do with the evil right-wingers obviously occupying your mind.

      this is of course evident to everyone but you.

  2. Unfortunately, the headline of this piece is needlessly sensational. More on the mark: “Disturbed Teen Arrested for Proposing an Attack on the Pope”. And, unfortunately, by invoking ISIS as a threat, it diverts attention away from others. It is as easy to imagine a fanatical right wing climate change-denier or proponent of winner-take-all capitalism plotting to rid the world of a man who has so openly challenged materialism and the decoupling of wealth from a sense of social obligation and compassion.
    ISIS is, by all accounts a despicable foe, whose leaders employ a perverted interpretation of Islam and the extreme disaffection of groups who feel abandoned by the post-colonial West, or who have been prevented from participating in the global economy on their own cultural terms, as tools to recruit, brainwash and incite their “troops”. We do not need to exaggerate the ISIS boogeyman. He is scary enough as is.


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