Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI feels ready to meet God, says Father Federico Lombardi.

Lombardi was with him “for almost his entire pontificate from 2006 until his resignation from the Petrine ministry in February of 2013.”

In an interview published August 22nd by Italian newspaper Avvenire, Lombardi called Benedict XVI “a scholarly man” who “always put me at ease.”

“I would define him as a theologian pope with very clear ideas. His resignation from the Petrine Chair was not an unexpected surprise for me. What struck everyone was the serenity and detachment of his renunciation.”

He talked about his “last meeting” with Benedict XVI on May 7th to “update him on the news of the Award and of the Foundation dedicated to him.”

“He speaks with a faint voice. He still retains a formidable mental clarity. He has a truly remarkable memory and connection skills for his age of himself. All this can be seen from the quality of her questions and his answers.”

He said he left with “the idea of ​​a man who, despite his frailty, transmits serenity, I believe also thanks to an intense life made of prayer – he always takes his leave giving you a beautiful smile.”

He ended, saying the retired pope “feels ready for the definitive encounter with the Lord.”

After the interview was published, Benedict XVI was visited by Pope Francis and newly created cardinals.

The Holy See Press Office said they received a blessing and prayed the Salve Regina together.


🙏 Pray for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI! 🕊❤️

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