Pope Benedict XVI recently published an anthology of his writings on Europe titled “The Real Europe: Identity and Mission.”

Pope Francis wrote the preface to the new book, praising the pontiff emeritus:

“Benedict XVI is not afraid to denounce, over the years, with great courage and foresight the many manifestations of this dramatic renunciation of the idea of creation, up to the current, final consequences, described in an absolutely clear and convincing way in the introductory text.”

The introduction Pope Francis speaks of was made available ahead of release in an Italian newspaper. Pope Benedict XVI said that “with the legalization of ‘same-sex marriage’ in 16 European countries, the issue of marriage and family has taken on a new dimension that cannot be ignored.”

“We are witnessing a distortion of conscience which has evidently penetrated deeply into sectors of the Catholic people. This cannot be answered with some small moralism or even with some exegetical reference. The problem goes deeper and therefore must be addressed in fundamental terms.”

Addressing the problem deeper, Benedict said “same-sex marriage” is not just a matter of being “a little more broadminded and open”, but whether there is a Creator or if we are not all just manufactured products.”

“This is also the case with the creation of man as male and female, which is ignored in the hypothesis of ‘same-sex marriage’ … in contradiction with all the cultures of humanity that have followed one another up to now, and thus signifies a cultural revolution that is opposed to the whole tradition of humanity until today.”

Closing out the preface, Pope Francis ended with: “Pope Benedict XVI shows us the path to take for Europe’s renewal.”

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