Born on the 16th of April in 1927, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI officially broke the ‘oldest pope in history’ record previously held by Pope Leo XIII, who died in 1903 at the 93 years, four months, and three days.

On September 4th, Benedict XVI surpassed Leo XIII by a single day, and became the oldest pope in history.

However, according to Italian magazine Famiglia Cristiana and Italian episcopal journal Avvenire, Leo XIII still holds one record: for being the oldest reigning pope, as Benedict XVI is pope emeritus.

“34,111 days in the service of God, the world and the ecclesiastical community.”

As to the youngest pontiff, the record is disputed amongst three popes from the 10th & 11th centuries: John XI, John XII, and Benedict IX, all of which were around 20 years old.

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  1. May our many prayers and mortifications help to keep you in good health, so that your continued presence is a touchstone of steadfast intelligent fidelity and accountability to the hierarchy of Mother Church. Amen.


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