Salt + Light, a Canadian Catholic television network, recently released an interview with Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont that had been recorded in anticipation of Pope Francis’ trip to the United States in September of 2015. The interview was conducted by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, the SEO of Salt + Light and contributor in the Vatican press office.

Deacon Greg Kandra summarized key points of the interview for Aleteia

“I think what the pope has done, in a very bold way … is raise the issue of the worship of money, the idolatry of money, and to say maybe that’s not what human life should be about,” says the Democrat. “That is a very, very radical critique of the hyper-capitalist system, world system, that we’re living in today.”

“I think that the pope is playing an historical role coming at exactly the right moment in human history, where his voice is having a profound impact, not only on our country, but all over the world,” he states.

Asked by Rosica if he considers the pope a socialist, Sanders replies: “Yes.”

“What the pope is saying is that human life, our existence, should be more than just the accumulation of more wealth,” says the Democratic candidate. “And everybody knows that right now we have the wealth, we have the technology to provide at least a decent standard of living for all of our people.”

“So few should not have so much, and I think that’s what the pope is talking about,” he states.

Sanders was born to Jewish parents but has stated in interviews that he is “not actively involved with organized religion“, though he does believe in a deity. Sanders’ wife Jane O’Meara Sanders is a Roman Catholic which, if he were to win the election, would make the Sanders the first president and First Lady in an interfaith marriage.

Salt + Light who conducted the interview was careful to point out that Senator Sanders holds positions that are contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

From Salt + Light

Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, in his role as CEO of the Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation and Executive Producer and Host of the WITNESS Program, interviewed Senator Bernie Sanders in his offices on Capitol Hill on September 21, 2015 on the eve of Pope Francis’ arrival in the United States.

The views expressed by Senator Sanders in this exclusive WITNESS Interview are his own and do not reflect the views of Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation nor its related Television Network. Salt and Light does not endorse Senator Sanders or any other Democrat, Republican or Independent US presidential candidate.

We are aware that certain views held by Senator Sanders oppose the moral teachings of the Catholic Church. As a Catholic media foundation, Salt and Light does not share these views, denounces his positions as such, but recognizes the Senator’s right to hold them. We recognize that respectful and charitable dialogue, especially with those who fundamentally disagree with certain or all aspects of the Church’s teachings, is the appropriate Christian approach in dealing with complex social and political issues.

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