It is said that the blood relic of Saint Januarius liquifies on December 16th, marking Naple’s being spared from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 1631.

However, yesterday, Abbot of the Chapel of Saint Januarius in Naples Cathedral Father Vincenzo de Gregorio announced it hadn’t.

“When we took the reliquary from the safe, the blood was absolutely solid and remains absolutely solid. The actual state, as you can see well, is absolutely solid. It does not give any sign, not even a little drop, as sometimes falls. It’s alright, we will await the sign with Faith.”

Archbishop emeritus of Naples Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe celebrated Mass in the cathedral on the feast day.

“We want to make an act of true and profound devotion to our St. Januarius, we are united in his name. It is he who helps us to live, to bear witness to the faith, and even if the blood does not liquefy, it does not mean goodness knows what. If something needs to melt, it is the hearts of people. The important thing is that we feel truly united, participating in this very special event which is our devotion to our patron saint.”

The blood last liquefied in September on the Feast of Saint Januarius, and May before that, while the city of Naples was under coronavirus lockdown.

You can learn more about The Blood Miracle of St. Januarius here.

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