According to reports in France, an 84-year-old priest has been beheaded and another hostage is ‘fighting for their life’ after two knife-wielding terrorists, reportedly shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’, took two nuns and several worshippers hostage at a church in northern France.

A third suspect has reportedly been arrested outside the church after a pair of ‘bearded’ attackers were shot and killed after raiding a Catholic mass at 9am in the French town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, near Rouen.

Local media claims Father Jacques Hamel, believed to be 86-years-old, was the priest slaughtered. Archbishop Dominique Lebrun of Rouen later confirmed that Father Jacques Hamel had been killed in the attack this morning.

A nun who was in the church during the attack said the priest was forced to the ground before his throat was slit.

‘They forced him to his knees. He wanted to defend himself. And that’s when the tragedy happened,’ said the nun, identified as Sister Danielle.

‘They recorded themselves. They did a sort of sermon around the altar, in Arabic. It’s a horror,’ she told BFM television.

Father Jacques Hamel who is reported to have been killed by ISIS Militants
Father Jacques Hamel who is reported to have been killed by ISIS Militants

The Vatican also has confirmed the reports and issued a statement saying that Pope Francis is “horrified and shocked by the attack.

“We are particularly shocked because this horrible violence took place in a Church, in which God’s love is announced, with the barbarous killing of a priest and the involvement of the faithful” the statement read.

Live feed from the scene via the DailyMail:

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      • 2 are not idiots they are right, you don’t know to get into Europe as refugees is an Islamists monopoly. They are not refugees they are just making different ways to get in Christian majority countries to spread Islam and to destroy Christianity and Respected Pop is being so much humble with more than he need to be with Christian refugees who are true refugees in Muslim countries. Even these Muslim refugees are harassing Christians in refugee camps.

        • And year’s stupidest award goes toooo…. Your comment!… Such an idiotic statement. You know there is sometthing called google. Try to search for before and after pictures of Syria. And then you can see if these people are running away from their country to save rheir children or expand a “religion”!

          • Most of the those fleeing Syria are Male Islamic’s seeking to over run Europe. The crime rate in Nordic and German countries by them has Soared. Now in has infested France. This is why the U.k. majority voted to exit the Euro union.

        • First off, every religious person tries to spread their religion. If you believe you know the one and only way to save your soul… what kind of hateful person would you need to be to keep that from others? Islam and Catholics pray to the same god, and preach much of the same ideals. Terrorists are not following Islam any more than Hitler or the KKK are following Catholicism or Christianity. You are not allowed to be the transgressor. Catholic Templars commited such acts against Muslims in the past, so don’t pretend your religion is beyond the acts of theirs. You might want to read those scriptures you say you believe in though, as they would tell you that the way you treat Muslims is wrong if you would shun them all away.

          • The Old Testament is considered old law and is there for us to learn from our past. Christians follow the teachings of Christ (hence the name) and He only taught to love your fellow man.
            In contrast, Muhammad does command death to all who do not follow him or submit; death also to anyone who tries to deflect.
            One huge difference to be noted is that Christians will openly tell you that the crusades were wrong and not how Christ would have wanted it. I challenge you to find a group of Muslims who will publicly denounce these jihadist murderings.
            There are no other mass religions that have deities who teach killing. It’s not the same God. Don’t try to justify your misunderstanding with a blanket statement.
            Do your research…

    • Unfortunately, so is POTUS….Lord, please intervene and help us stop this madness! My prayers go out to all who have been affected by this utter evil that continues to plague our world.

      • Lord Jesus Christ please stop this horrible acts of Isis. My fellow Christian warriors please pray that all our brothers in faith be saved from d attacks of d devil who prowl thru d world for d ruin of souls. Amen

      • Amen, these people are pure evil,and I hope Saint Michael, Arc Angel ( FIGHTER of all evil), and his army, take 4th see barbarians, and throw them in the Furnace of Hell for eternaty

  1. My prayers go out to all of the victims, friends and family of this terrorist attack. It is at times like these that I find it most difficult to remember that Christ went out of his way to love and forgive his enemies. I would like to remind everyone that we cannot blame a billion muslims for the depraved acts of select few of them. Please remember that many followers of Islam also are praying for the victims. Please take care and in times of despair look to your bibles for guidance.

    • Until I hear or see muslims condemning and speaking out against these atrocities I will continue to believe that religion is a religion of HATE and a deat cult

      • I am a modern Muslim woman. I do not in ANY way support these violent lunatics. They give Muslims a bad name, are funded by idiots and and have a very dangerous agenda to divide the world. DO NOT be so easily swayed by some “bearded men” shouting “Allahuakbar”. I don’t like the headlines, they incite hate amongst religions. These are not Muslims (whatever are Islamists?!!), do not lump them with us. Islam DOES NOT teach us to hate or to be revengeful or violent. Peace be with you.

        • Thanks, we Catholic know this, is just those ignorant assh**ls that called themselves Christians, but don’t have a clue at all, they just need follow a hatefull leader or candidate that instigate hate, and they think they are saved..

        • Thank you. When I express anger, I am always directing it at those who have actually perpetrated an atrocity. Not at good people such as yourself. Thank you for speaking up.

          • What kind of crazy would convince them that an 80+ year old needed to be murdered? These guys should be brought in alive to examine the cause of their actions. Religion is not the cause, people always believe that God sides with them reguardless of any clear text saying the opposite.

        • Well, I would say they are because it’s repeatedly this one so-called religion that is responsible for about 99.9% of all terrorist activities in the world. And they keep saying they are Muslims and so I’ll go by that. In fact the way I see it now is that the normal Muslim I see now is just waiting for the moment to metamorphosise into the terror-wrecking one. It only takes a few choiced words which I believe ISIS have become masters in producing. Yeah we cannot blame a billion Muslims for the depraved acts of a select-few. But then how many of those billions have come about openly to disregard and vehemently antagonise the actions of those select few. We are not blaming them but it’s inevitable that they will suffer consequences that will be as a result of the actions of those select-few because it’s not so easy to differentiate btw the two groups n the fewer gets to multiply on a daily basis. So in summary , I do not judge Muslims but I do judge that religion from facts and occurrences all about me: Islam is a hate religion that fosters all forms n sorts of vices n I really do not think Allah represents God as most would say but a sort of god or demon. That’s my submission

          • You are wrong. They represent 99.9% of the terrorist news stories you recall, that being 100% of self proclaimed Muslims you are aware of. They are “Muslim” because they come from a Muslim nation. It is not a motivation for their actions. Again, Hitler had a sect of Catholic troopers under Himmler who were excessivly brutal to Nazi standards. The KKK are religious based as well. If the Middle East was a Catholic nation, they would still be doing the exact same thing, just shouting different words before they murder. I’m going to guess it would be “God wills it!” Because the largest group of religious butchers I can recall were Catholics shouting those words. Coincidentally, they did it in the Middle East and they did it to Muslims. The Spanish Inquisition was no picknic either.

        • Well…where is the rest of the Islamic world condemning these atrocities? Open up a YouTube channel and start posting news from the Islamic world condemning these acts of terrorism so I can believe that your outrage is serious.

      • Aaron I understand and do feel bad and sad for such attacks around the world. I and all other Muslims condemn such things. This is not Islam. These guys are not Muslims. They attacked the most pious place for Muslims as well. May all such people be taken to justice.

    • This is true, however, how can we tell which is which? We have politicians allowing thousands of them into our countries without proper identification or back ground checks.

  2. omg, the people of this world, whatever religion/race, have completely lost it. It will seem that the devil is walking hand in hand with these type of people.

    Eternal rest grant onto our slain priest and may he have everlasting peace.

    to those who were kidnapped: the devil may have his hands on this, but your hearts, love and faith walks/listens to only God.

    • We Christians don’t retaliate, We should show them love. That’s how Satan will be defeated. We should protect ourselves better but not retaliate.

      • These PEOPLE DO NOT RECOGNIZE the DEVIL. That is your belief! They have the mentality of a revengful god…Alla. They are brainwashed to believe that killing those which are not their religion….are out to destroy their Culture. Their belief cannot be changed. They see nothing wrong with it. They need to Obliterate all Islamic Terrorists. God gives us brains to think with. He doesnt want us killed. Showing someone love that does not comprehend is ridiculous. This is why they keep doing this over and over again. We do nothing! I do not agree with your mentality. Gods people should fight back else we will be obliterated.

        • The Holy wars have not stopped. This is History repeating itself once again another Crusade you are calling upon. Defending vs. charging? We need to get our countries together and stop the race wars and defend ourselves as “one people” regardless of religion.

  3. It’s seems no religions God would approve of such cowardly act to attack innocent people practicing their religion … and then behead an 86 yr old priest … what a bunch of cowards .. to take such a cheap shot … not only do they create hurt but also disgrace their own religion …

    • This has nothing to do with our GOD. These people hid behind their so called religion of a revengful god. THEY ARE NOTHING MORE THAN MURDERERS. They are not the devil or working with him. They are just plain MURDERERS claiming a belief we cannot comprehend. We need to obliterate the Islamic Terrorists. Not one but all. They are nothing more than MURDERERS and BARBARIC groups. COWARDLY acts to kill elders and a man of the cloth.

  4. I hope the world takes note of this horror and everyone should not hesitate for a second to think that any of us are safe from these types of cowards. How many more innocent people will be attacked? The world needs to unite and shut these terrorists down!

    • The “World” is trying to! Another Isis leader was just killed in Afghanistan. How do you propose to do it?? These assholes hide within towns filled with innocent people. They hide in caves. This isn’t 1940.

      • You are right. Nothing is as it was. God rest this poor priest’s soul and bless the nuns and parishoners. Incredibly horrible.

      • Gets the elite military groups & SEALS on them. They will hunt them down and kill them. We are just not trying hard enough. We need to be agressive. My life or yours attitude. Open borders certainly do not help. You might as well send them an invitation.

        • Agree with Mary. Problem is these barbarians are scattered all over like roaches. You eradicate some in one area, and they show up somewhere else! Also agree that open borders are simply allowing more of these radicals to infiltrate in with the other refugees. Borders MUST BE CLOSED!! If God forbid there is another terrorist attack on our soil, our gov’t has only itself to blame!! Gov’t cannot properly vet all these people being allowed into our country!!! Keep them ALL out!!

  5. Please do not y
    LOSS your faith at times like these. God is with all of us, but SATAN is roaming around attempting to take our FAITH. Nation governments need to take action and just take them OUT!

  6. As an atheist, at least I can say that this type of attack targets their true enemy, instead of killing innocent fellow Muslims and other bystanders. As horrific as this is, and as much as I personally detest it, this spells out the inherent dangers of all religious organizations and the constant threat of zealotry within these irrational, archaic beliefs. Yes, I know my words will be taken as some type of trolling or blasphemy, but any one with eyes and a functioning brain will see the truth in my take.

    • Actually, this type of attack targets their means of salvation, not their enemy. Their enemy is the evil one who continues to corrupt their minds and drive them to do his work, but they are blind. We know the Way and He walked the earth a little over 2000 years ago. His message was simple, but impossibly hard for us hard hearted humans to accept. As a result, we keep dividing His Church and following crack pots that decide they have a better way and invent their own means of salvation. I am sorry for your lack of faith, because He truly came so that we may have a life eternal. When we shun Him, we relegate ourselves to mere alpha mammals. Is it any wonder that more and more we are just acting like animals towards each other?

    • First of all why are you on a Catholic site and why would you post a comment like this on a Catholic site? Not to mention you should be praising this wonderful priest who lost his life to the most heinous cowards of all. “Instead of killing innocent fellow Muslims”…are you sure you aren’t a Muslim yourself?…
      “Anyone with eyes and a functioning brain”… please! Bloody know it alls!

  7. I’m curious to know if they gave him a choice to reject his beliefs befor chopping off his head would he have rejected it? For me, it would be a honor to die for what I believe.

  8. This people become extreme cos they are really follow the teaching of Quran (surah 4:47). Lets check and study who said that verse. So that we acknowledge why ISIS so extreme. For me they do what their religion taught. That is why you cant see or heard any scholar of islam gives their statement of say sorry or condemn the attack. Only those who are not really understand what Their holy book said.?

  9. The catholic church is NOT of the One True God. Turn to Jesus for salvation, and Jesus ONLY. Mary cannot save the catholics, nor can the multitude of saints to which they pray. ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before me’. ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father but through me.’

    • We do not pray to Mary or the saints. We ask them to pray for us. Do you not ask your friends to pray for you? Have you never asked one of your friend’s mothers to ask something of your friend? It’s the same concept. The commandment says “Honour thy Mother and thy father.” Why then won’t we honour Mary the Mother of our Saviour?

    • I appreciate your kind word, am not a Muslim, but in the past i had many of them as good friends to an extent that i envy their straightforwardness not until recent the act of killing all over by same faith made me to distance myself because whenever i see any i link such person he or she may be going with weapons to kill. Muslim to me if they are not violence millions would have enjoy their fellowship and make the world a better place to live. I urged brothers and sister in Muslim not to fight for God for the Bible say leave vengeance for God. Let them pray and preach peace by so doing the vengeance is for God. We all came from 1 God but just the preaching by some devil in human nature that is causing all these.

    • Before you (Chris) toss out condemnation on me (us) Catholics… kindly first know what you are talking about. At no point in time have I (we) ever prayed to Mary for my (our) salvation, I (we) ask our Holy Mother to intercede to her Son Jesus Christ for me (us). I (we) also asks the Saints to pray for me (us)… I (we) believe that they have a special place in Heaven and knows what is happening here on earth. If you do not understand this concept… then you will permit me to say that you have clearly never asked GOD for the grace to understand… JESUS IS MY (OUR) LIFE AND OUR SALVATION, I (WE) BELIEVE AND TRUST IN HIM, I (WE) BELIEVE IN “GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT” WHO IS, WHO WAS, AND WILL ALWAYS BE!!! AMEN!!!

  10. Please realize this truth. ISIS are very devout Muslims. They adhere to the teaching of the Quran when they execute non believers. The leader of ISIS Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is a very educated man. He has a Ph. D. In Islamic studies and uses Islamic Law to justify the killing of infidels and apostates.

    • You never read the Qur’an, or you would know that they do not at all follow it. It clearly forbids what they do. If you would call for the death of Muslims, then you are no Christian, because I read that book too and it also forbids that. …not as often though, that Qur’an repeats you can not be the transgressor so friggin often.

  11. Revelation 20 verse 4. …and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, Revelation 2 verse 10 … be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.

  12. These Islamists are agents of the devil itself and their barbaric conducts is not far removed from what the devil has historically been associated with. They are not true Muslims. No true Muslim who acts in the name of Allah would enter the Church to slaughter an innocent priest and Christians at worship. May God rest the soul of the faithful Christians and the priest. All who share or support ISIS and their agents need a rethink and internal conversion to embrace the true God whose son is Jesus Christ and whose last prophet is Mohammed.

    • Islamists are true Muslims. From the Quran surah 5 “They do blaspheme who say:Allah is Christ the son if Mary..whoever joins other Gods with Allah-Allah will forbid him the garden and the fire will be his abode.” This passage clearly says if you believe Jesus is God, you will be denied heaven and hellfire will be your abode. The Islamists are true Muslims . They have a rule book(Quran) they study it, believe it and obey it. In the Quran surah 9:5 it says “When the sacred months are over slay the Idolators wherever you find them.” ” Make war on them until Idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme.” Surah 8:39. What does our rule book, our Holy Book, the Word of God, The Holy Bible say about Islam? It says “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.” 1 John 2:22. Yes my friend, Islamists are true Muslims and they only think they are doing God a favour. They do not serve God. John chapter16

      • First off, you’ve taken that 2nd one out of context… it said to halt any war and have a cease fire durring holy months (ISIS does not) not to simply kill people after holy season. The first quote was the same as your religion and almost every other… if you know about god but deny him, you’ll end up in hell. I disagree with that, but Jewish, Christian, Catholic, and Muslim faiths all say the same there. Lastly, you forgot to quote the part in the Bible where you murder a woman who is not a virgin when she is married, or any of the MANY other minor things that it says YOU should be murdering people for. See, you needed to take the Qur’an out of context and twist it to support crimes like murder while you need to ignore SEVERAL parts of the bible or you would not have time to eat or sleep with all the murder you are commanded to do. You sir, are just trying your hardest to hate people and that is simply not very fitting of a good person. Work on it.

  13. May Father Jacques Hamel Rest In Peace…
    May everyone who has ever, who will ever cause any kind on hurt, pain and harm to any of God’s people be healed of their hardened hearts Now… I Claim This In Jesus Name Now!!! Jesus I Trust In You, I know that You will soften hard hearts, Amen.

  14. I pray for Father Hamel who died a martyr May His Soul Rest In Peace. I also pray for any hostages in captive to be set free irrespective religion, caste or creed. I pray that Jesus gives the a change of heart just like what he did to Paul. My heart goes out to all the family members who have been affected by this incident.


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