On Friday, Pope Francis met with French Catholic entrepreneurs in the Vatican to share some teachings to help them “carry out your role as leaders according to the heart of God.”

“I realize how demanding and difficult it can be to implement the Gospel in a competitive professional world. Nonetheless, I invite you to keep your gaze fixed on Jesus Christ through your prayer life and the offering of your daily work. He had the experience on the cross of loving to the end, of fulfilling his mission to the point of giving his life.”

Pope Francis commended them on their search for the common good, which often carries with it a “painful clash between expectations and reality” imposed by economic and financial systems in place “which often make a mockery of the evangelical principles of social justice and charity.”

“The search for the common good is a matter of concern for you, an ideal, in the context of your professional responsibilities. I find it very beautiful and courageous that, in today’s world often marked by individualism, indifference and even the marginalization of the most vulnerable people, some entrepreneurs and business leaders have at heart the service of everyone and not just private interests or inner circles.” 

He offered them Jesus the Good Shepherd as a model to help ford across societal impositions, saying they should immerse themselves in “the smell of the sheep.”

“Jesus knows how to go in front of the flock to show the way, knows how to stay among them to see what is happening there, and knows how to stay behind, to make sure that no one loses contact. I’ve often urged priests and bishops to have ‘the smell of the sheep’, to immerse themselves in the reality of those entrusted to them, to get to know them, to become close to them. I believe that this advice also applies to you.”

He also encouraged them to to be close to their employees and “to take an interest in their lives, to be aware not only of their difficulties, sufferings, anxieties but also of their joys, plans and hopes.”

Pope Francis ended his address recognizing the difficulties the face implementing the Gospel and Church teachings in their work, encouraging them to keep their gaze fixed on Jesus Who has “promised to accompany us ‘to the end of the world.'”

“Do not hesitate to invoke the Holy Spirit to guide your choices.” 

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  1. In the realm of an ethically healthy worldbuilding, entrepreneurs are yet to do justice to their enormous potential. May they and their loved ones be blessed.


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