The Pontifical Mission Societies have made it possible to chat with Pope Francis on Facebook Messenger with MissioBot. By simply using Facebook messenger, just like you do with your friends already, you can have a “conversation” with Pope Francis and learn about the pope’s missions around the world.

Father Andrew Small, National Director of the MissioBot initiative said: “It offers a new experience. People are on their cell phones all the time. There are over a billion people who are registered on Facebook, so certainly from the Church’s perspective, getting access to those people in an easy way is powerful. They don’t have to download an app, or they don’t have to go to a website or they don’t have to log on, they can do that just from the way they’re talking to their friends.”

Also available through MissioBot is the ability to submit prayer requests which will be sent to missionaries around the world who will include them in their intentions. About the new prayer request feature, Fr. Small said: “You can have a direct connection with the priests and sisters and laypeople who are half a world away. The Church, as the one Body of Christ, we are connected sacramentally and it’s good to know that technology can also help that connection.”

“MissioBot is the newest entry point into a place of encounter,” said Monica Yehle, director of communications and outreach for the Pontifical Mission Societies of the United States. “Digital technology using Facebook Messenger simulates ‘conversations’ to tell about the lifesaving work of Catholic missionaries around the world.”

Facebook Messenger has 1.2 billion users worldwide, she said, “so this broadens the reach for mission encounter. The technology for text messaging allows us to invite people anywhere, like Minnesota or New York, and connect them to a mission community in Kenya, for example, or all over the globe where support and prayer and interaction are needed.”

To begin your “conversation” with Pope Francis using MissioBot, click here now!

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