The president of Catholic Action for Faith and Family, Thomas McKenna, interviewed Cardinal Burke this week who gave his take on the clergy abuse scandal, saying Pope Francis must “take action,” and there needs to be recognition of the “homosexual culture” of clergy.

In his interview, Cardinal Burke addressed what he believes to the root of the issue within the Church, saying:

“It seems clear in light of these recent terrible scandals that indeed there is a homosexual culture, not only among the clergy but even within the hierarchy, which needs to be purified at the root. It is, of course, a tendency that is disordered.”

Burke added that the problem is also made worse by “anti-life culture in which we live, namely the contraceptive culture that separates the sexual act from the conjugal union.”

The cardinal also gave his take on ways the situation can be addressed, saying the procedures are already in place and that ultimately it is up to Pope Francis to carry them out.

“The Holy Father has the responsibility to discipline these situations, and it is he who needs to take action following the procedures that are given in the Church’s discipline.”

He expanded on these procedures, saying disciplines have existed for hundreds of years and only need to be enforced, suggesting the Church needs to remind itself of what it has known for centuries.

“There existed in the Roman Pontifical for centuries the rites for the degradation of clerics and also of the hierarchy who had failed gravely in their office. I believe it would be helpful to read over again those rites to understand deeply what the Church has always understood, which is that shepherds can go astray, even in a grave way, and then must be appropriately disciplined and even dismissed from the clerical state.”

Cardinal Burke’s full interview can be read here.

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  1. from the day the pope said who am I to judge the homosexuals the people and clergy got it wrong , we need a firm condamnation as the church teaching teaches without gray areas

  2. In the “Protecting God’s Children” training we receive as a diocese it specifically tells us that homosexuality has nothing to do with child abuse. These need to be treated as two separate issues.

  3. Sexual abuse of minors is primarily one of abuse of power and privilege. When the church has been seen as a bastion of power and authority and the priests and religious placed on pedestals, problems can and do occur. Coupled with that the need to recruit priests and brothers on a large scale saw a number of men selected who were quite maladjusted and ‘hid’ behind the church either to hopefully ‘fix’ their problem or somehow deem to be acceptable in society’s eyes.
    Homosexuality is another issue. Priests being able to marry is a possibility however with this option is the issue of divorce of a priest; the elephant that is in the room that the Church veers from discussing.

    • According to the John Jay report, 81 percent of abuse cases from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s involved male victims, with 78 percent of those victims being postpubescent. The VAST majority of abuse cases are instances were Homosexual Ephebophilia. Those are the facts.

  4. I am Catholic. I do, however, believe in the natural order. Man was created with companionship in mind. From the beginning of time. It is not natural or normal for man to be alone and celibate. Of course they will falter. Man is not infallible. The rules need to change. Priests need a wife.

  5. There is no excuse for not condemning and correcting the actions of pedophiles, period. As well as for allowing the evils of the homosexual culture within the clergy. For shame!! Not that these people and those complicit are innately evil but their actions are indeed! Even more so when it corrupts children and God’s Church. The Bible and church are very clear on these matters and you each know that too. We all do know better and can do better with loving forgiveness and taking appropriate actions when called to.

  6. I am a Catholic convert of sixty some years. I married, raised a family and was ordained a Permanent Deacon.
    My Wife died. I eventually remarried but was no longer allowed to minister as a Deacon because of the vow I took of celibacy at Ordination that prohibitief remarriage
    One of My Grandsons, raised in a Protestant, church studied and was ordained a minister. Hè married andtwo years ago Joined the Catholic Church with his wife and two childre. Hè has applied to his Catholic Bishop for the Chance of going to seminary to become a Catholic priest. So far hè has not been accepted.
    Another acquaintance, a Methodist Minister, told me and others that hè would have liked to be a Catholic Priest but showed me his wedding ring.
    I have two fellow parishoners in My small Catholic parish who are former priests that chose to marry.
    I would think My experience and that of My family and friends is not Unique. Our Church has hundreds if no thousands of former priests that could be utilized for weekend duty as priests or deacons to alleviate the shortage the Catholic Church faces world wide.

    • If they were clergy and married before becoming Catholic, they should investigate the Anglican Ordiariate which permits previous-ly married Anglican clergy to become Catholic priests.

  7. First the world as to take a long hard look at wat kind of men these ar this world voted yes for these kind of men and say don’t judge live and let live now look at wat as happened as a Catholic we ar told gay people cannot foster or adoption because wat can there teach them well I say wat can there teach us step down dont leave it upto pope Francis yes the holy sprite talkes to ar pope and I believe the spirit talks to us that is y we get baptised there is no room in the church for evil


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